Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day 10

Today I'm confused. I am confused regarding the topic again. Today I don't have any major topic in my mind. I'm thinking that whom to target today. Then suddenly I realised that who could be better target than the great politicians of our country. For example, take the case of Tata and Mamata Banerjee. She has literally driven out the Tata Motors out of the West Bengal. She might feel happy in this but she is not realising that by her act the loss is not of Tata but its the loss of the people staying in Singur. The people who were directly related with the production of Nano. Not only the workers but the vendors who were having their sites near the Nano factory, they are also at the loss. But Mamta Banerjee didn't cared about them. And why should she? She was more bothered about the farmers whose land has been acquired for the Nano plant. But I want to know that how many times Mamta Banerjee cares about the farmers there. In my view, she has just used them for the sake of publicity and nothing else. Where were she when these farmers were commiting sucide? She was not near to them. And now she is caring for them. Actually her publicity was going down. People were forgetting her. She was losing her charm amongst the public. She was looking for someone who would be her political attack. And she found no one better than Tata Motors. She has been targeting the West Bengal government but she is not getting so much political attention. But in the case of Nano plant, she got what she has desired for. She got the publicity and people remember her now. But what about the people who were at the loss by shifting of the Tata from Singur. But these politicians never cares for the general public. They remember the general public only when its election time. Rest of the time, they need the general public as a means of fulfilling their political wishes. Nothing else. And its the general public all the time at the loosing end.

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