Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 5

Today I am very much confused. Today I was not in a mood to write anything on the blog. But don't know why I sat down to write. Actually I am still very much disturbed regarding the current issues being faced by our country. The recent attacks. Then raids on the hide outs. Arressts and investigation. How long we have to see all these things? When will all these things stop? What is the motive of the people behind all these blasts? Can't they put their demand verbally? Why they have to do the blasts all the time? These questions are always there in my mind. And there is not a single answer of all these questions in my mind. Well what to say now. I don't have any other topic to write now. Whatever I'm trying to write other than this then after a line or two, this topic is again coming to my mind. What to do now?

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