Monday, September 29, 2008

Day 12

In today's time, we are forgetting something. We are forgetting friendship. Today, we have lost contact with our friends with whom we use to share our lunch in schools. We have forgotten those friends who were there in our graduation. The friends who were in hostel with us. We had friends always with us. But now, we have lost the excuse to be with them. But do we really need any excuse to be in contact with friends? I don't think so. If we will need excuse to be in contact with friends then its not the friendship. Not according to me. We have forgotten those days when we use to bunk the classes and use to sit in college canteen or went to watch movies. Those time when we use to come from late night movies then jumping the hostel wall to go in. How can we forget tension during exam times? Those sleepless nights before exam. But now, in the present, we are not having those friends with us. We are professional friends now. Friends who are working with us in the office to meet the deadlines of the projects and assingnments. The friendship which we are having now is not that much simple. The current friendship is totally professional. Nothing personal. If I'm doing something for you in office then I need something in return. But it was not there with our old friends. They were with us without any condition. Where are those friends now? We don't know. Frankly speaking we have lost them. And we are not bothered to know about them. How much we have changed now? I don't think that today anyone is interested in searching old friends. Who cares and who has the time to do all these? It will be better if we do some work then we will earn some extra money. Money has become the centrestage of everything. Everyone is running after money. I am not telling that money is not important. It is important but what is the use of these money when you don't have your true freinds with you. We need someone near to us to share our emotions. From emotions I mean your happiness, your sorrow, your pain. Everything. We are losing contact with everyone now due to this work load and all. What's the use of these type of work? We don't have time for our parents because we have to meet the deadline of the project. Then after that we don't have time for our kids because we have to work hard to earn more and more money for them. We are becoming robot now. What is the use of so much money when we are not there with our parents and kids when they need us most? There are some occasions when they need us with them physically more than they need our money.

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