Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day 321

First of all, Happy Republic Day to all Indians. Indeed a great day to celebrate. 63 years ago, on this very date, we became a democratic republic. After the independence, we needed to have constitution to ensure the right and duties of the citizens and law for the country. Finally it was executed on 26 January 1950.
But today, we need to ask few questions to ourselves. The gang rape which happened on 12 December 2012 is the current example that we need to transform our society and the social values. There are many questions which we have to ask from ourselves. Why are we so weak that we don't want to change the constitution to make provision for the hardest punishment? Why always we try to escape from being one by saying about the traditions and cultures? Why still after more than six decades of independence and being republic, we are still a developing country? Why don't we try to change the political system of the country? Why we think that nothing can be done about this country?
We always say that the corruption and political system has declined the entire system. If the youth of any country will say like this then really nothing good can happen to the country. Main problem is that the youth wants to migrate from India to any foreign country. All the foreign countries are developed not just because of its citizens but due to Indians also. The Indians, who are residing in those countries and working there, have contributed to the development of those countries. If the Indians can make those countries developed then why can’t they contribute their valuable knowledge and skill in India’s contribution? If they will do it here then indeed, India will be the superpower very soon. 

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