Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 320

    What spirituality really means? Does being spiritual means religious? Or it means something else? I’m trying to find the correct answer. But unfortunately, I haven’t come any answer to be called as perfect answer. Everyone has defined spirituality as per their own perception. You won’t believe that while writing this article, my mind is free. Free, in terms, means that recently I haven’t read anything particular about this topic. I’m just writing this article whatever is coming in my mind.
    Well, according to me, spirituality means being in spirit. So, I have divided this term in two terms – spirit and reality. Being in the right spirit is more important. Few people have taken spirituality been granted to be religious. Being religious is something different. But being spiritual means doing the right things and for the betterment of the human society. In all the religions, across the globe, the core thing which has been told is that being a right person and doing things for the betterment of the society. For some people, spirituality means being religious, for some it’s having command over one. Many thoughts as per many people saying this.
    Spirituality, according to me, is just being a good person doing right things. It doesn’t matter which religion one belongs to. Being spiritual isn’t the copyright of any particular religion. Its work of few handful religious scholars who propagate the theory that my god is superior to your god. I bet no religion tells this to its followers. The present unrest in the world based on the religious thoughts is the propaganda of few people. This is not the spirituality. In spirituality, there is no clash between people. Just as I said above that every religion preaches to be the right person on the right path. These things are so much interrelated that it’s obvious for people to treat them as one. If not one then complementary at least. What matter most is the right action being done by the person.
    Almost every person says that he or she believes in god. Indeed god is there. Even I believe in god and I do believe in his presence. But do we really believe in god or we believe in god due to fear? Actually this fear is the dangerous thing. Fear compels people to do things according to one’s perception. Those who believe in god never indulge themselves in wrong doing. Those who fears from god, always try to do right things, just to be on the safe side and to be saved from punishments like going to hell.
    I believe that there is no heaven or hell. A person gets the results of his or her own actions. Depending on the actions and the intensity, the person is awarded or punished. The concept of heaven and hell are made to force people to do right thing. Or it can be said that this concept forces them to do right thing. The fear of punishment is very strong. Every wrong doer has this in his or her mind that I’ll be caught and I’ll be punished. For example, every notorious criminal is scared of the police. The criminal knows that if he or she is caught by police then he or she will be punished.
    Doing right or wrong things depends on the person’s own thinking. According to me, the pleasure of getting awarded or being praised of doing something right is the heaven. The pain of getting punishment or having the punishment is the hell. A person gets either of one on the earth only. Every religion says that there is life after death and the soul is rewarded or punished according to the actions done by it when it was is in the human body. I just want to ask few questions. Who has seen the life after death? Who knows what exactly happens with the soul when it leaves the human body? If the soul is free from the grip of death then how it’s awarded or punished?
    The answer lies in being spirituality. It means in the right spiritual. Do right things and get the pleasure of being satisfied. The pleasure of satisfaction is the thing which can’t be robbed, taxed or taken away from oneself. Doing right things for the betterment of the society is the action which one needs to do. It’s our ego or thoughts which always haunts us to do get the reward. Controlling the senses or having command over emotions is the ultimate goal. It can’t be achieved by meditation alone. It requires right thoughts followed by right actions. That’s the real spirituality. 

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