Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 318

These days, the menace of Pakistan has increased a lot. Beheading of two Indian soldiers is the current example. On top of that, Pakistani foreign minister is saying that India is making false allegation. This is ridiculous. On one hand Pakistani army is killing Indian soldiers and then calling India a war mongering. It’s like a thief is calling another person thief. Pakistan had bad experience of three wars with India. Whenever India has done something for the peace then Pakistan has reciprocated the friendly gesture in terms of war or terrorist attacks. I don't understand why the world community isn’t doing anything? This is now crossing the limit. Neither the world community is doing anything nor is it allowing India to do anything. Pakistan knows only the language of war. So let it be a war. Its enough now. If we look around the globe then every major country is sending its troops to foreign countries to suppress its enemies. Recently France has sent 750 French soldiers in Mali to suppress the enemy. America bombarded Iraq and Afghanistan to catch Saddam Hussain and Osama Bin Laden. Everywhere it’s the same thing. Why can’t India take that step? 

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