Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 322

Sometimes something unplanned leads to a pleasant experience. Same thing happened to me yesterday. Yesterday morning, it was a usual Sunday morning. I wake up a bit late than the schedule time. After all, Sunday is the only day in the week when I wake up late. But the surprise was the visit to Allahabad. I just got the time to get ready. The plan was to go to Allahabad to have the bath in Ganga River. Yesterday was full moon. An auspicious day to have the bath. The car was booked by one of my friends. We started our journey about quarter to ten and reached there at quarter past twelve. We walked about five kilometres because our rented car was parked in the parking area. The police barricade was there to control the movement of vehicles. When we reached the bank of Ganga, it was an experience which can’t be explained in words. It can be said that I got the spiritual feeling there. Then we took off our clothes to enter in Ganga. The water was cold but the spirit in us encouraged us to take the bath. After taking few dips, a sense of satisfaction and devotedness came to my heart. That time, the water wasn’t giving the coldness. The moment was so relaxing that till now I’m having the peace in mind. After bath, we came back to Varanasi again. The trip was short but the memory has become a part of my life and it will be there with me life long. To have the bath in Ganga was my plan more last six months but I never imagined that my wish will be fulfilled in this way. Some good things happen suddenly and without any planning. 

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