Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 317

I know I was absent for more than one month now. This wasn’t time for me to remain silent. But I was silent due to the sad event which happened on 16 December 2012. A sad and shameful incidence which rocked the country and spread a wave of hatred against the culprits. Yes, I’m talking about the Delhi gang rape. The rape and the inhuman torture done on the victim have made everyone shameful. The saddest part was that the girl died during the treatment. Although the culprits have been caught but the justice is still awaited. The culprits should be given brutal punishment before getting the death sentence. In majority of the gulf countries, the rapists are awarded death sentence maximum one week after their crime is proven in the court of law. Indeed, rape is a crime.
Worst thing is happening after the death of the victim. Many cheap politicians and spiritual leaders are making abstract statements about the victim girl and the culprits. Their statements show their low grade mentalities. I think they are mentally sick. They are making some senseless theories of their own and now they are telling senseless statements. Someone is saying that the culprits are from a particular state, someone is saying that if the victim girl would have called the rapists her brother then they wouldn’t have raped her and tortured her. This is nothing but the sign of their ill mental state. God knows when these people will have stable mental condition.
I just want to say that no one can even think about the pain which the victim girl went through after the incidence. May her soul rest in peace. I really hate the cheap statement game which has begun now. Instead of demanding for the hardest punishment for the culprits, these people are propagating their own senseless theories. But I would like to say that the culprits should get the hardest punishment like the capital punishment without any mercy. 

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