Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 316

Today, whole India is remembering the martyrs of terrorist acttack on Mumbai. Today is the fourth anniversary. We have lost many daring officers of Mumbai police as well a commando of NSG. Kasab was the lonely survived attacker who was caught alive four years ago. But five days ago, he was hanged in the Pune jail. But the loss of lives which was done by the terrorist attacks is totally irrecoverable. Families of those innocent civilians, who lost their lives, still remember 26 November 2008 as the saddest part of their lives and they are still mourning their deaths. Its not only with the civilian families. Families of the police officers who were killed still mourn the death of those martyrs.
It was a brave act from the martyrs to not only to keep the terrorists from keeping the terrorists away from damaging the civilian’s lives and property but they tried to catch the terrorist. But the situation was of a war where you don't expect the enemy to get caught. The enemy has to be gunned down. Due to the martyrs who were killed in the Mumbai attack and the soldiers who are deputed at the borders, we are having a feeling of being safe. Hats off to those people who are sacrificing their every thing just to make sure that we are safe and sound.  

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