Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 314

I know I’m writing after a long gap. I’m aware of my promise also. But I was busy in the festive season. So I was absent from writing the blog. From the next week, I’ll be busy in exams. But today, I have decided to write something which has forced me to write.
First and foremost, I would like to write about the stampede in Patna on the occasion of Chatth puja. The stampede took place on the temporary wooden makeshift bridge, which was erected for the Chatth puja. The stampede was caused by the rumours that a naked electric wire has fallen on the bridge. There were many commutaters on the bridge who were going to the main road. The rumour was spread like fire in the forest and immediately the power supply was cut in the area which lead to more panic amongst the people. The makeshift bridge collapsed because devotees from another reason were diverted to this area because of the rush there. After the chaos, people were blaming Nitish Kumar and Sushil Kumar Modi for the insufficient arrangement made for the Chatth puja.
Here I would like to say that it’s ridiculous to blame the government for the mishap. Government didn’t told people to go to the makeshift bridge to make the chaos there and to spread the rumours. The government made all the possible arrangement for the convenience of the public. But public has to act sensibly that they should avoid the rumours and don't panic. If the public expects the government to perform its duty then the public should remember its duty also.
Second topic is the hanging of Ajmal Kasab. Ajmal Kasab was hanged today morning at 7.30 am at Yerawada central prison in Pune. With his hanging the judicial process of the terrorist attack has completed. The Pakistani government refused to take the letter which was send through fax by the Indian government. The letter confirmed the execution of Kasab in Pune. Irony of the case is that the Pakistani government denied having any relation of its own citizen and the attacker on the Indian soil was buried in the Indian soil. This shows the narrow mentality of the Pakistani government. Its generosity of the Indian constitution that allowed Kasab to send his mercy plea to the Indian President. The thing which is unimaginable in Pakistan. Not surprisingly the Pakistani government hasn’t demanded of giving the dead body of Kasab back to Pakistan from the Indian government. This shows the cheap mentality of Pakistani government. 

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