Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day 315

Sometimes, I feel confused. Right now, I’m in the confused state. Tomorrow, I’m going to have a test in my college. I’m studying but I’m unable to concentrate. After reading couple of pages, I’m feeling distracted. Abstract thoughts are coming in my minds which are becoming hurdle in studying. Don't know what to do now? I thought that you people might have solution to my problem. If you people are having any solution then do write it. This is the case with me whenever I sit to study. I need to concentrate. But how to do this is the main problem. That’s why I’m asking you people to help me out in this. I know that I’m not getting comments on my previous posts but today I’m not going to complaint about that. I know that my complaints are also not working. So, today I need your suggestions about how improve my concentration. 

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Anonymous said...

i think u should do meditation..that will increase ur concentration power...mrinmoy

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