Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 260

Today morning, I was on a ride at quarter to seven. I saw school children in their uniforms waiting for their school bus to come. They were having their bags and water bottles with them. Suddenly I went back to my school days. When I was like them. Even I used to wake up early in the morning to get ready. Waiting for school bus to come to take us to the school. Going to classroom with friends. Having fin with them. Going to the prayer line and those prayer sessions. Then those classes where teachers used to teach us but I used to sit on the last bench and I used to pretend that I was listening to them but I used to be busy in chit chatting with friends. We don’t used to have mobile phones during our school days but still we used to communicate in presence of our teachers. I used to take out the lunch boxes of my friend sitting in front of me. Then we used to have lunch in the class room while having the lectures of our teachers. The lunch boxes of all students used to circulate in the classroom especially in the last three rows. Then I and my friends used to take shares in the lunch boxes of the friends sitting on the first row of the class in the lunch time. Then roaming out in the campus was the routing affair. Those were the fun filled days. We used to have the classes without air conditioners in summer season. Then we used to wait eagerly for the holidays like Durga Puja and Diwali. Then the exam pressure. The result day. How fast those days have passed. In school days, we used to make plans of our life. We will do this, we will do that. Some innocence was there. In school days, we used to have land lines at our home and we were in contact with each other. But now everyone has got a personal cell phone but no one is in contact with each other. Months and years have passed since the last time we have talked to our best friend. In school days, we weren’t having internet connections. But today we spent a lot of time on net but still we don’t have time to send mails to our friends. Sometimes I really miss my school days and think that my school days were really golden days. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 259

I know that I wasn’t regular these days. But in my last post in the blog I have stated that I’ll be irregular this month as I have a series of pre committed assignments like submission of the final report of my survey report and 2 week exam schedule. Today, 2nd day of the examination has passed with pressure. Pressure and examination are synonymous to each other. You can’t imagine examination without pressure. Same thing is with me. Anyway that’s the part of the life. Isn’t it? Don’t think that I’m going to give any lecture on philosophy. No, I can’t do that. That’s not my cup of tea. Today I’m writing just for relaxation. Still 5 more papers are there and all of them are not so much easy as they pretend to be. Well, today I thought to tell you one interesting things. It’s related to the politicians and beaurocrats who are running the country and are at very high level.
It’s about the lack of information at the Union Home Ministry. Mr P Chidambaram, the present Home Minister of India, isn’t aware about who is Home Minister in Bihar Government. Actually the Home Ministry in the Bihar Government is being held by the Chief Minister, Mr Nitish Kumar himself. And he is holding this portfolio for the last six years. But Mr Chidambaram has signed a letter which has been addressed to the JD (U) MP, Dr Monazir Hasan as the Home Minister of Bihar Government. In that letter, Mr Chidambaram has requested Dr Hasan to attend a seminar of state home ministers on April 17 at New Delhi. The letter was faxed to the CMO in Patna. The Union Home Ministry is supposed to have the accurate data about the states.
If this is the state of the ignorance and the letter was signed without any correction then we can imagine what other blunders are being done at the various ministries. I agree that Mr Chidambaram hasn’t written this letter personally but he could have rectified the letter if he would have read it at least once. And none of the senior officers bothered to check the letter that to whom it’s being addressed. I don’t understand that why they are in so much hurry? This is one of the examples of ignorance of responsible ministers and senior officers then we can imagine what mistakes they make while taking other important decisions. I hope that this type of mistakes won’t happen while taking decisions related to sensitive issues of the country. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 258

Last three days have been very hectic for me. Even today, I was extremely busy. I think I’ll be busy till 21st of this month. Survey presentation, a series of other events and examination is going to keep me busy till 21st. ironically; I don’t have any angel to save me. I think it will be a stupid thought to think about any angel coming in my rescue. It’s a silly thought. I know you people might be thinking that I have gone out of my mind. To an extend, you are right. Due to hectic pressure and killing deadlines, I have become out of mind. Sometimes, the hectic schedule and the work pressure take the commanding position in one’s life. In that case, one’s mind is totally occupied by the work pressure. Same thing is with me. That’s why I’m unable to concentrate on writing the post for the blog. Although, I have few topics on which I want to write but I’m unable to write them at full length.
Like there is hike in every thing related to the service sector from today. This means, telephone calls, dinner or lunch at restaurants, travelling by AC Railway coaches, coaching classes and many other things have become expensive due to the hike of service tax from 10% to 12%. This increase will generate revenue of Rs 18,660 crore for the central government. Air travel, life insurance, beauty parlour, advertisement, dry cleaning, health clubs, cable operator, credit cards etc are included in this service tax. There are over 120 services on which the service tax has been levied. Travelling by the auto rickshaws, radio taxies and access to amusement park has been exempted from the service tax. Schools, university education and approved vocational institutions have been exempted from this list.
This is going to affect every one in the country whoever is going to use the services of any one of the 120 services. The mostly affected class will be the middle class in the country. The politicians like Mamata Banerjee play the politics of being saviour and well wisher of the common man at one hand. That’s why she placed her trusted man as the Railway Minster. But at the other hand, politicians like them forces the Finance Ministry to impose hike in the taxes to meet the deficit. 

Day 433

Time flies very fast. Time control everything but no one can control time. I was thinking about the time. Actually, time is the thing whic...