Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 259

I know that I wasn’t regular these days. But in my last post in the blog I have stated that I’ll be irregular this month as I have a series of pre committed assignments like submission of the final report of my survey report and 2 week exam schedule. Today, 2nd day of the examination has passed with pressure. Pressure and examination are synonymous to each other. You can’t imagine examination without pressure. Same thing is with me. Anyway that’s the part of the life. Isn’t it? Don’t think that I’m going to give any lecture on philosophy. No, I can’t do that. That’s not my cup of tea. Today I’m writing just for relaxation. Still 5 more papers are there and all of them are not so much easy as they pretend to be. Well, today I thought to tell you one interesting things. It’s related to the politicians and beaurocrats who are running the country and are at very high level.
It’s about the lack of information at the Union Home Ministry. Mr P Chidambaram, the present Home Minister of India, isn’t aware about who is Home Minister in Bihar Government. Actually the Home Ministry in the Bihar Government is being held by the Chief Minister, Mr Nitish Kumar himself. And he is holding this portfolio for the last six years. But Mr Chidambaram has signed a letter which has been addressed to the JD (U) MP, Dr Monazir Hasan as the Home Minister of Bihar Government. In that letter, Mr Chidambaram has requested Dr Hasan to attend a seminar of state home ministers on April 17 at New Delhi. The letter was faxed to the CMO in Patna. The Union Home Ministry is supposed to have the accurate data about the states.
If this is the state of the ignorance and the letter was signed without any correction then we can imagine what other blunders are being done at the various ministries. I agree that Mr Chidambaram hasn’t written this letter personally but he could have rectified the letter if he would have read it at least once. And none of the senior officers bothered to check the letter that to whom it’s being addressed. I don’t understand that why they are in so much hurry? This is one of the examples of ignorance of responsible ministers and senior officers then we can imagine what mistakes they make while taking other important decisions. I hope that this type of mistakes won’t happen while taking decisions related to sensitive issues of the country. 

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