Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 258

Last three days have been very hectic for me. Even today, I was extremely busy. I think I’ll be busy till 21st of this month. Survey presentation, a series of other events and examination is going to keep me busy till 21st. ironically; I don’t have any angel to save me. I think it will be a stupid thought to think about any angel coming in my rescue. It’s a silly thought. I know you people might be thinking that I have gone out of my mind. To an extend, you are right. Due to hectic pressure and killing deadlines, I have become out of mind. Sometimes, the hectic schedule and the work pressure take the commanding position in one’s life. In that case, one’s mind is totally occupied by the work pressure. Same thing is with me. That’s why I’m unable to concentrate on writing the post for the blog. Although, I have few topics on which I want to write but I’m unable to write them at full length.
Like there is hike in every thing related to the service sector from today. This means, telephone calls, dinner or lunch at restaurants, travelling by AC Railway coaches, coaching classes and many other things have become expensive due to the hike of service tax from 10% to 12%. This increase will generate revenue of Rs 18,660 crore for the central government. Air travel, life insurance, beauty parlour, advertisement, dry cleaning, health clubs, cable operator, credit cards etc are included in this service tax. There are over 120 services on which the service tax has been levied. Travelling by the auto rickshaws, radio taxies and access to amusement park has been exempted from the service tax. Schools, university education and approved vocational institutions have been exempted from this list.
This is going to affect every one in the country whoever is going to use the services of any one of the 120 services. The mostly affected class will be the middle class in the country. The politicians like Mamata Banerjee play the politics of being saviour and well wisher of the common man at one hand. That’s why she placed her trusted man as the Railway Minster. But at the other hand, politicians like them forces the Finance Ministry to impose hike in the taxes to meet the deficit. 

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