Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 257

I know that I’m irregular these days in writing posts on my blog. Well I do have reason for that. I was engaged in some important engagements. Still those works aren’t complete but today I thought to write a post on the blog. Well, these days, one news is coming up on all the news channels and news papers. It’s regarding Balwant Sing Rajoana, killer of Beant Singh, former Chief Minister of Punjab. Balwant Singh killed Beant Singh on 31 August 1995. The plot of killing Beant Singh was made by Babbar Khalsa, a terrorist organisation. Beant Singh was credited for wiping the terrorism out of Punjab with super cop KPS Gill. These are the some facts which resulted in the killing of Beant Singh. Now his assassin, Balwant Singh has come in the limelight as all the political parties in Punjab except BJP are against the capital punishment awarded to Balwant Singh. He is scheduled to be hanged on March 31. Punjab’s Chief Minister, Prakash Singh Badal went to meet the President of India, Pratibha Patil to demand clemency for Balwant Singh. Suddenly, he has become the centre of the turmoil in the Punjab and a sensation in the whole country.
I’m unable to understand one thing. Why all these turmoil is happening over the death sentence over a killer? All the news channels and news papers are quoting Balwant Singh Rajoana that he doesn’t want any mercy and he is accepting the death sentence. He is waiting for 31 March. I think the political parties are trying to encase the sensitive issues like to gain the public attention and to secure the vote bank. Sometimes, I took pity on them that instead of paying attention for the development of the state and the country, these politicians are trying to divert the attention of people on these issues. 

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