Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 251

I know these days, gaps are popping up very regular in my writing. This is due to some workload on me which has increased since my arrival at home. Yesterday, I was so tired that in night I sat to write the post. But I felt to lay down on the bed so that I can write comfortably. But don’t know when I slept and my laptop was on till the morning. Needless to say that the battery was about to extinguish.
Well, my post is about the recently concluded assembly election in Uttar Pradesh. The result was very much expected. I felt that Mayawati will go and Mulayam Singh will come in. But yesterday, Mulayam Singh nominated his son, Akhilesh Yadav to be the next Chief Minister. This is somewhat a surprise change in the rein of command. I was expecting that Mulayam Singh will meet the Governor to claim for the government formation. I think Mulayam Singh is thinking something big. May be, he wants his son to learn how to govern. Nevertheless, the main point which I want to discuss is the changing face of the Indian politics. It’s becoming the youth face of Indian politics.
Now the focus is given on the next generation. Just like Akhilesh Yadav is now going to become the next chief minister. In the Congress party, Rahul Gandhi is project as the real youth icon. But I’m good to say that Rahul’s charisma isn’t working for the Congress party. Simply having Gandhi in the surname doesn’t guarantee that you will have the power to change everything. In Congress party, Rahul Gandhi is being projected as the Prime Minister of India. Congress party has made him a star. They rely on him very much. Whenever he goes for the election campaign, the congress party doesn’t perform well. Let’s go a little back. In 2010, there was assembly election in Bihar. Rahul Gandhi did his election campaign. The Congress party was so much excited that they will form the government. But their performance was very poor. The state Congress president lost from his constituency.
Yesterday, I read the article related to the statement of the Congress president Sonia Gandhi. She said that the result has forced the party to analyse the situation. Win or loose, both the conditions need analysis. I think the time has come for the Congress party to change its style of working. Instead of depending on the dynasty, they should search for the new faces or give chance to the veterans who have got more mass support. Time has come for the Congress party to give preference to merit on dynasty. I agree that there are few states where the Congress party is in good shape. But if we analyse the central government then we will find that it’s a collation government. Congress didn’t had the full strength to form the government on its own. I would like to say that time has come for the Congress party to come out of the illusion. 

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