Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 252

I know I have been irregular in writing blogs in the last week. Holi’s festive session forced me to stay away from the writing for couple of days. Now I have come back to Varanasi so now I’ll write everyday. While coming I was thinking something. Whenever I go to my home, I feel energetic and happy. I can’t describe the happiness in words which I feel while going to home. But whenever I come back to Varanasi then my mood becomes very dull and sad. I don’t feel happy or energetic while coming back. This is not the case with me only. My friends also feel the same. They said the same thing to me. In February, when I came back to home with my friends then we travelled two hour’s journey in five and half hours. We were irritated but we weren’t feeling low. But while coming back, we reached on the right time but we didn’t felt happy about that. I don’t know what to say about this feeling? I asked this question to myself but didn’t found any answer to it. Can anyone give any answer? 

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