Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 249

Now all the seven phases are over for the UP assembly elections, all are waiting for 6 March to come. 6 March is the counting day. Now the speculations are going on as which party will form the next government? All the news channels are showing their own exit polls based on the survey done by them. If we believe the words of the Chief Election Commission of India, then all the exit polls shown on different television channels are nothing but the entertainment things which are to be shown on entertainment channels. I, do, agree with Mr S Y Quraishi.
Mr Quraishi has said the right thing. Take for example, every news channel is showing that SP will form a stable government. But there are at least dozen news channels on the national level, ignoring the local channels. Let’s find answers to few questions. How do these news channels collect the sample for exit polls? Obviously from the voter who came out of the polling booth after using their franchises. If a voter is asked the same question from a dozen respondents then obviously he will get irritated. In this condition, it’s obvious that he or she will not give the right answer. Now the second question is that what’s the surety that the respondent is giving the true answer? Is he or she telling the name of the exact party to whom he or she has casted his or her vote? I don’t think that there is any surety or any thing through which the truth can be found out.
There are many respondents who don’t reply at all. On the basis of above mentioned ways, I can conclude that there is no way to predict that which party is going to lead from which constituency. So how can these news channels predict that which party is going ahead. 

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