Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 254

I know that there has been a considerable gap between my last post which was on Thursday and today’s post. I was busy in a series of presentation and a test. If I talk in the language of cricket then I was playing one day series and one test match. Well jokes apart, today I want to write on the general budget which was presented by Mr Pranab Mukherjee on 16 March 2012 in Indian Parliament.
There have been various opinions on the budget for Financial Year 2012-13. Few sections are saying that it’s very nice and few sections are saying that it’s bad. Few are saying that it’s perfectly balanced and some are saying that it’s just average. I think its just average or rather I would call it to be the most underestimated budget like the previous Congress governments in the past.
The Union Budget was pre poned from its schedule time due to the elections in few states. I think Mr Mukherjee has missed a chance to do something good for the common man. This year he has totally ignored the common man. Next year, there will be elections in few more states and in 2014 it will be the general election itself. If Mr Mukherjee has considered the common man then he had got three consecutive years to present the general budget including this year’s budget to lure the common man. Indeed he has raised the income tax bar the present Rs 1,80,000 to Rs 2,00,000 for the tax exemption but that will save Rs 2000 only. And on the other hand he has raised the service tax from 10 per cent to 12 per cent. This means that the money which a common man has saved a little from the income tax and paid more on the facilities he will prevail. 
There are many more loopholes in the budget. I think it will carry on for another couple of posts in the coming days. Actually, it’s a part wise analysis. The more I’ll crack the more I’ll write. 

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