Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 332

Now the drama in Indian politics has started to show its colours. For the last six to seven months, the brew was popping up. Now it has boiled up completely. The alliance between BJP and JD (U) has ended yesterday in Bihar. The Chief Minister, Mr Nitish Kumar, has submitted the recommendation of removing the eleven ministers of BJP from his cabinet to the Governor of Bihar. It was accepted in late evening. Now a special session has been called of on 19th June 2012, for the confidence motion. JD (U) has 118 seats and BJP has 91 seats in 243 seated Bihar assembly. For simple majority any party needs 122 seats. This means JD (U) needs just 4 seats to have the simple majority while BJP needs 31 seats. For BJP, it’s a tough job. So they have decided to oppose the confidence motion. There are 4 independent MLAs in the assembly. JD (U) is heavily dependent on them. Congress has 4 seats in the assembly. In my view, they will help JD (U) indirectly by being absent from the assembly on the day of confidence motion. With the split, it has been clear that now the 17 years old alliance has come to its end.

I don't know what to call it. Whether it’s a good thing or bad thing for both the parties. Both of them are saying ideological differences erupted between both of them. The primary reason of this split is the selection of Narendra Modi to the post of chairman of the election committee in BJP. Nitish Kumar has been keeping himself away from Narendra Modi since 2009. This was the reason that he didn’t allow Narendra Modi to attend any election rally in 2009 in Bihar. These days, Nitish Kumar is projecting himself as secular leader who has brought development in Bihar. No doubt that he has brought development in Bihar. Under his leadership, Bihar has achieved more in eight years what it has lost in fifteen years under Laloo-Rabri regime. But people voted him in power in 2005 because he was part of NDA. People looked at him as partner of BJP. But now, the scene has totally changed.

This split is going to harm both the parties. Other parties will try to take undue advantage of this split. The time was to unite to work in favour of NDA. People are fed up with the UPA’s second term. So the time was to show the people that NDA is much better than UPA. That’s why BJP has projected Naredra Modi as their Prime Ministerial candidate. But it failed to hold its greatest ally, JD (U) with it. If Nitish Kumar wouldn’t have gone against Modi then the split would haven’t had happened. In the coming days, the picture will be clearer. Then I’ll be able to express my view on its effect on the national politics. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 331

    For the last few days, I was silent. This silence was intentional. I was watching the fast changing Indian political scenario. A lot of things were happening in Indian political front. But the incidences of the past one week are more debatable. Today’s newspapers are filled with the outcome and its effect of the recently concluded general meeting of BJP in Goa. It has totally changed the whole scenario. Being the largest national opposition party, BJP is going through a bad phase. Although the Goa session has initiated the phase change in BJP but still it’s internally divided. Slowly and gradually, Narendra Modi is being projected as the face of BJP on the national level for the past one year and so. He is being projected as the next Prime Ministerial candidate. Till now, the BJP was going under the guidance of Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Lal Krishna Advani. In real terms, these two persons are the foundation pillar of BJP.

    But something was wrong with the BJP. The general opinion across the country is fed up with the second term of the UPA government. But BJP hasn’t been successful to harvest this anti UPA sentiment of the people. In my opinion, there was some lack in the coordination between the leaders in BJP would be one of the reasons. It’s true that the change was needed in BJP but it should be done a bit earlier. Now Lal Krishna Advani has spent 55 active years in the Indian politics. I’m not saying that his desire to become the next Prime Minister is wrong. Well, he was the deputy Prime Minister in the late phase of the NDA government. After being so close to the post, one’s desire to be on the post naturally increases. But now, the scene has changed. One decade has passed since that incidence had happened. Now there are some drift in the NDA partners over the increasing popularity of Narendra Modi. Bihar’s Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar, has openly stated that his party won’t be the part of NDA if Narendra Modi will be the Prime Ministerial candidate for the general elections due next year.

    After the selection of Narendra Modi as the chairman of the election committee in BJP, Nitish Kumar has said that he has to think about the coalition in Bihar. The Congress party’s problem is now easier. BJP is having drifts with in itself. Everyone knows that the BJP is the only alternative of Congress. Even people are in mood to change the UPA government. But the main opposition alliance itself is weak. The coalition partners are having differences with the BJP. The time has come in BJP for the change in command. Its really tough time for the BJP. It has to change its leadership while keeping the coalition partners happy. But after the election of Narendra Modi as the chairman, Advani has resigned from three important posts he was holding. Now the efforts are being made to make him calm. Personally speaking, then I admire Advani and Modi a lot. India needs strong leaders like them. So, according to me, the time isn’t of having differences with each other. Advani has got more experience than any one else except Vajpayee in the BJP. So, in my view, he should be the mentor now. The next generation leaders like Modi, Arun Jaitely, and Sushma Swaraj need guidance from Advani. This combination will be more fearful for the Congress party.

    If Advani agrees to be mentor and Modi works under his guidance then the BJP can come over this turmoil very easily. It can reduce the tension about the coalition partners and can bring back the drifting partners. 

Day 433

Time flies very fast. Time control everything but no one can control time. I was thinking about the time. Actually, time is the thing whic...