Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 323

Yesterday, there was a seminar on entrepreneurship in my B school. It was conducted by one of my faculty members. He explained about how to make a business plan and what should be there in the business plan. But his opening line opened a new channel of thought for me. His opening line was that it’s better to be a job giver rather than a job seeker. I totally agree with my teacher. In today’s time, Indian job market is in pretty bad shape. Millions of MBA graduates and technical graduates like engineers and doctors are passing out of numerous B schools and technical colleges across the country. But the numbers of companies offering jobs are very much limited. There is a huge gap between the supply of fresher and the demand by the company. In this scenario, literally the slop of employment is taking a dip. In the present scenario, young entrepreneurs are required in India.
When I was in America, I had many instances when I talked with the Dean of the business school at Claflin University. Once our discussion was on the topic of entrepreneurship. He told me that India is lagging behind about 60 years in comparison of America in terms of entrepreneurship. The job seekers in India are more than those in America. But in America, job givers are much more than those in India. Actually, the mentality of Indian youth has become job seeker. To start an enterprise, an entrepreneur has to be risk taker. Business involves high risk. Now the Indian youth don't want to take the risk. The youth wants a comfortable income. Everyone expects some five or six digit salary per year in foreign currency. But they are forgetting that the knowledge, on which they are dreaming of high salary, has been gained in India. Instead of going abroad, they should utilise the same knowledge in India as an entrepreneur and can be a job giver. Being an entrepreneur will increase their prestige.
The youth in India is forgetting that every big organisation was small when it was incepted. It was the vision and the hard work of the entrepreneur which has made that company big. They took the risk of being new and took every challenge which came in their way. I think almost all the successful entrepreneur in today’s business world have started their company in a small place and with small initial capital. But today, they are multi billionaire. They accepted the challenges and took the risk with ease because they had the support of their employees. Their employees made their company rise. This is the point which I want to say. There are plenty of talents in India. They just need right direction and right opportunity. This can be achieved by giving right and correct opportunity to them. So the time has come to become an entrepreneur. 

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