Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 327

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. A day for love. A day of remembrance St. Valentine for his message of love amongst each other in the human race. But I didn’t wrote anything yesterday. Actually I’m still divided between in favouring this ritual and in opposition of this. If I’m sounding confused then it’s not your fault. Actually both kinds of things are going on in my mind.
I’m in favour of this because spread of love is a good thing. Being in love isn’t a bad thing. But it shouldn’t be confined to one day in a year. It should be done and it should be expressed daily to your some one special. Love isn’t depended on the size of the gift which you give to your loved one. It’s depended on the intensity which is in your heart. Actually, love can’t be defined and it can’t be measured. It’s a feeling above the materialistic things. Rather I would call it a divine feeling. When you are in love with some one, then the happiness and a genuine sweet smile on the face of your loved one is more than the entire treasure of the world. The thing which is there when you see your loved one happy can’t be described in words. It’s a feeling which is felt by heart and soul. This is the thing which money can’t buy. So instead of celebrating love one day, we should celebrate the love everyday of our live. It’s a thing which goes on and on and increases with every passing day.
Now come to the part when I’m against the so called hype about the Valentine’s Day. Every year, some political and social parties and groups ransack the parks and restaurants where lovers meet each other and they attack the lovers. Their protest shouldn’t be confined to the westernisation of love, as they propagate, but it should be against the atrocities on women like gang rape, rape, molestation, dowry killing, sexual abuse, domestic violence and all the crimes which are being committed everywhere in the country everyday. They should target to eliminate these crimes if they really want to save the Indian society being getting worse. I would say that they should start the campaign to stop killing of unborn female kids when they are in the womb of their mother. In Indian culture and in Hindu philosophy, girls are treated as goddess. So, they should focus their attention and effort in saving girl children and in protecting their rights. They shouldn’t target lovers in parks and restaurants for the cheap publicity in the media. 

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