Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Day 378

What to write today? Well, today I’m in lazy mood. I don’t want to do any work. Although I had sound sleep last night but I’m feeling sleepy. Well, I don’t have any topic to write. This is because there are many things which are going on in my mind. There are few things in which my presence is required but I’m unable to do those things. This is leading to frustration. Actually this is the reason why I’m unable to concentrate on writing. Well, being busy in professional work doesn’t hamper my writing. But frustration kills not only the peace of mind but it kills the concentration and creativity also.
Same thing is happening with me. I know that how I can overcome my frustration. But I need time for that. I’m waiting for the right time. It’s not long time to get away from the frustration. You can say that it’s round the corner. But today I was doing net surfing only. Actually, I want to have something concrete to write but I know I can’t write today. So just for the sake of writing I’m writing today. Actually, today I’m using writing as a tool to focus. I know you might be thinking me to be mad that’s why I’m writing senselessly. But I don’t want my mind to be empty and to think abnormal things or negative things.
Actually this happens with everyone at some point of time. One handles the situation according to his or her own way. I handle it by writing without aim or by doing net surfing or whatever comes in my mood. I think I can’t write anymore. It’s useless to write anything without concentration.  

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