Thursday, June 15, 2017

Day 374

There are few things which are beyond our control. Same thing is with me. Right now, I want to write but I’m unable to write. Neither am I having any topic to write. You may say that there is nothing unusual in this. This happens with me very often. Well, you are right. But what to do? The main thing here is the combat between the urge to write and emptiness of mind regarding topic. Sometimes it’s a case of unwillingness of writing versus plenty of topics.  
Today I’m really confused about what to write. Actually, recently the dirty politics played by Congress party in Madhya Pradesh is really disgusting. But Congress is expert in doing cheap and disgusting politics. Well, they are targeting those states only where the state government is formed by the BJP. Before the Delhi Municipal elections, a group of farmers went to Delhi from Tamil Nadu to protest. They couldn’t protest in Tamil Nadu so they came to Delhi. As if Delhi has become the right place for protests. I wonder why the farmers couldn’t protest in Tamil Nadu.
Same thing happened in Madhya Pradesh. The protestors are setting fire to buses and public properties. Stone palters are having their face covered while stone pelting. So called poor farmers are wearing branded shirts, jeans and shoes and are working in the fields. The so called secular journalists are taking the interviews of so called poor farmers. But they are forgetting about the farmers in Bihar who are poorer than the Madhya Pradesh farmers. No media house is covering the state of farmers in Punjab and Karnataka. The simple reason is that Congress party is in full power in Punjab and Karnataka and in coalition in Bihar. So according to the so called media houses, the farmers are happy in these states.
This clearly shows that pathetic mentality of Congress party. They aren’t finding anything to defame BJP then its slaughtering cow and creating riot scenes in Madhya Pradesh. Congress party is so power hungry that through this misleading propagandas it wants to regain power. Another cheap mentality is shown by their leader Sandeep Dikshit. This mindless fellow has called the Chief of Indian army as a road side goon. Congress party is supporting its mad leader by saying that he is youth leader and people in youth sometimes over speak. A person of 55 years of age is the youth leader. This is really disgusting. Except India, nowhere in the world, I don’t think that any army chief has been treated like this.
This statement is directly hurting the sentiment of the entire Indian army. This statement will directly force a thought that for whom the soldiers are protecting are accusing them. I think this is very bad for the morale of the Indian army. In my view, Sandeep Dikshit should be prosecuted for spreading the hatred for the army. He should be put behind the bar that too on non bail able warrant. I strongly condemn him about his statement. The Indian army is protecting us from the attacks of enemies and where ever there is natural calamity then the soldiers of Indian army rushes for the rescue services. In spite of these selfless services, Sandeep Dikshit hasn’t just insulted the Indian army chief but Indian army as a whole.
In my view, Sandeep Dikshit has lost his mental control or he is on the payroll of Pakistani authority. I think since Mr Narendra Modi has become the Prime Minister the entire Congress party has lost its mind and way of talking. That’s why its leaders are creating riot situation everyone. They are defaming Mr Modi to regain power. When Mrs Indira Gandhi was Prime Minister then she imposed emergency and the entire opposition was sent behind the bar. At least, that’s not happening in the era of Mr Modi. In the present time, everyone is abusing Indian army, shouting anti national slogans and covering all anti national things by freedom of speech.

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