Thursday, June 29, 2017

Day 380

I know that I was absent for a week. Actually, I was busy in various types of works. Well, I told you about a problem which I was facing in last fortnight. I wasn’t able to concentrate on writing also. But I tried a lot to write in that time also. Well, in the last one week I had solved that problem. Actually, I was having personal problem and due to professional work I wasn’t able to solve that problem. Now that problem is being solved and I’m feeling fresh. A little bit of worry is still there but me knowing how to overcome that. Anyway there is always a solution which satisfies your need and the problem.
A sense of happiness and satisfaction is there with me. You can say it inner peace. Fresh mind and inner peace are good for everyone. I have heard that by practising yoga helps to achieve inner peace also other than preventing many diseases. Well, I’m not a person who does yoga. I just said what I have heard. Don’t worry. I won’t preach you about the advantages of yoga and all. Well, there is something else going on in my mind. Actually, an article has caught my attention. I don’t know how to react on this. Well, according to me it’s a clear case of anti national activity. But the article hasn’t come from any reliable source so I’m worried about its authenticity.
Well, the article is about terrorist Syed Salahuddin. Syed Salahuddin is the most wanted terrorist for India and he is the head of terrorist organisation Hizbul Mujaheddin. Now what is disturbing for me is that the misuse of tax payer’s money. According to the article, Syed Salahuddin has 5 sons and all the 5 sons are working in Srinagar and not in Pakistan. Syed Salahuddin is hiding in Pakistan but his family is in Srinagar. Shakeel Yousuf, the eldest son is working as medical assistant at Srinagar’s Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Science. Javed Yousuf works as computer operator in Education department. Shahid Yousuf is Research Fellow at Sher-i-Kashmir University of Agricultural Science. Wahid Yousuf is a practising doctor at Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Science. Mueed Yousuf, the youngest one, works at Entrepreneurship Development Institute in Srinagar.
Now this is a reason for big worry. If this news article is false then there is nothing we can do much about it. But if it’s true then it’s really wastage of money and threat to the nation. On one side, the government is condemning the activities of the father; the government has labelled him the most wanted for breaking the country. On the other hand, the same government is giving the jobs to all sons in the same city in different departments. This is double stand which is neither good for the country nor for the government. In my view, the entire family should be send beyond the border where the father is staying. There is no need to support the family of the most wanted terrorist in India.
I’m wondering that how come this information is leaked after so many years? Why was this information held till now? If this information is correct then how they got the government jobs so easily? Wasn’t the state government aware that all these 5 men are son of India’s most wanted person? If the state government was aware then why the state government did employed all the 5 sons of a terrorist? Is national integrity nothing for the state government? I don’t think that this is right. The central government should take action in this issue. Father is working to destroy India and his sons are working in India. This is really disgusting. In my view, it’s indirectly supporting the actions of Syed Salahuddin. All his sons are doing job in Kashmir only. Is there any strategic planning to make base in Kashmir valley?

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