Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Day 373

There are few things in life which can’t be taken for a long time. Tensions and worries are those things about which I’m talking. Yesterday, I was really tensed and was irritated from inside. But now the problem has been resolved. So don’t worry. I’m not going to bore you with any coded language or philosophical stuffs. Actually, philosophy isn’t my cup of tea. Anyway, I have to keep my tensions aside. I know I have to deal with my professional things.
Well, professionally speaking, from next month, the most awaited tax system GST will come in force. The entire economy will be affected by this. In the near future, or rather to be precise, for the coming one year, there will be huge difficulty for all the businessmen. All industries will get affected by this GST. Initially, there will be resistance from the business community but there will be difficulty in adopting any new system. Same thing was when VAT was introduced. But now it’s a part of the system. GST will replace all the current tax systems.
Due to this everybody will be get affected. Whether its manufacturer, whole seller, retailer, supplier and at the end, the final customer. As far as I have understood, then GST will benefit everyone. Main objective of GST is to benefit everybody. In short run, I think one or two years will be gone to implement it properly and smoothly functional. But main question is that whether it’s going to be beneficial for the country’s economy in the long run? Well, the real answer is with the time. Time will tell the real story.

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