Thursday, June 1, 2017

Day 365

Well, today I was in mood to write something different. More I thought about the topic more I began to dislike Congress party. Actually, in the last three years, Congress party is showing the signs of how low it can go? In my recent post, I mentioned the low mentality of Mani Sankar Aiyer which he showed in Pakistan. He begged for Pakistani support to disestablish the Modi government. Recently, he went to meet the separatist leaders in Kashmir valley. Congress along with Arvind Kejriwal demanded the proof of surgical strikes done by the Indian army. Now another leader of congress, Manish Tiwari is asking the defence minister that who should be responsible if there is war like situation in Kashmir? This shows the low mental levels of the entire Congress party. One leader is meeting separatist leaders and supporting their cause and another leader is indirectly blaming the central government for this.
Well, this isn’t the first time where Congress is showing its cheap mentality. During the demonetisation also, Congress said that the demonetisation move isn’t good for the common man. They disrupted the proceeding of the parliament also. But in reality, their main concern wasn’t the common man. It was their own self interest which provoked them to oppose the demonetisation move. All those political parties who were having black money in their accounts supported Congress for this. But at the end, they didn’t get anything concrete. Just for the name and fame, Rahul Gandhi went to a bank and stood in the line for money. It was just a show off by him. In reality, the main motive was to have the sympathy of the mass that demonetisation is an unplanned move. He withdraws 4000 also. After that he never went to any bank. But he managed to have his vacation in Europe and that too in those 4000 only.
Then Congress party asked for the proof of the surgical strike of Indian army against Pakistan. When the Congress party was in power, then we never ever heard about the term surgical strike. I just wanted to know that why there weren’t any surgical strike during Congress rule? Second thing is that if there were surgical strike at that time then why didn’t they release this news? If that was confidential then why are demanding the proof from Modi government? It’s not like that I’m supporting Modi government. Right now, I’m just saying about the degrading mental condition of the Congress leaders. I think they are frustrated now. They aren’t finding any concrete topics on which they can accuse the Modi government.
The recent cow slaughtering in Kerala has proved the sick mentality of the Congress party. Just to oppose Modi government, they had slaughtered the cow and had the beef party publically. What kind of protest is this? What they want to show? This is really questionable and is an act to condemn. They may remove all the leaders from the party who were involved in the cow slaughtering but the damage has been done to the party. Now they have to face its consequences in the next election. According to the Congress party, Modi government is trying to threaten the minorities and is favouring Hinduism only with the help of RSS. They targeted RSS also. But they failed again. Recently, during the flood in Chennai RSS has helped everyone irrespective of the religion. RSS workers went to all the affected areas for help. But there wasn’t any help from any political parties.
Actually, Congress party has ruled for 60 years after independence. But still India is a developing country. Sometimes I wonder that how is that possible? There many countries which got independence after India but they are much ahead of India now. Malaysia got independence after India but Malaysia is much developed than India. Singapore is another example. Well, on analysis, I got to know that whichever party came in power, they first developed the common civic sense in the society. Then they began to work on the economic front. But in India, still there is lack of basic infrastructure. How many villages got proper sanitation, electricity and connectivity of roads under Congress rule? Modi government has initiated the sanitation project. Congress is upset with that. Then why didn’t it work when it was in power.
There are numerous schemes in name of Nehru Gandhi family. But how many beneficiaries are there in India of those schemes? Actually, in my view, Congress party has become dynasty party. People of Gandhi family are the chairman of the Congress party since independence. Why isn’t there any other president of the oldest political party of India? Exceptional case was Sitaram Keshri in 1991. But after Sonia Gandhi entered politics, she is the president of the party. It’s said that Congress party is a democratic party by nature and they held election for their president post. Then how come only Sonia Gandhi wins that election unanimously? Post independence time, president post was held by many other leaders also. In dynastic rule, everything is being dictated by the dynasty and everyone follows that.

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