Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Day 364

Well, I know that I’m writing on aggressive topics. This wasn’t intentional but the things which are happening in the country are making me furious. Remaining quiet isn’t the solution now. It’s time to raise the voice against wrong doing. Actually, the double standard of secularism is being practised in the country. In the last three years, the media has taking dramatic change. Now they are showing the scenario in such a way that it’s unsafe to live in India. They are projecting militants as national heroes. They are calling extremists mobs as group of misguided youth. Some so called intellectuals are praising the naxalities and are calling them Gandhi. This has become new fashion or new terminology of the media. This is the real secularism in their view. Those opposing these ideas are communal threats and dangerous for the country.  
Recently, when Mr Yogi Adityanath began Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh after having a favourable majority in the state legislative assembly, then media started calling him a communal man due to his attire. I think this is absurd. The media has forgotten that when Capt. Amrendar Singh can have turban and beard according to his religion and he can become Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti Sayeed can have scarf and dress according to her religion while being the Chief Minister then what’s wrong if Mr Yogi Adityanath wears saffron dress according to Hindu religion? This is the sick mentality of the media. If the media believe in secularism then I don’t think that they believe it fully. As I said earlier that in the last three years, media has lost its original track. Now the media supports the anti Indian activities in JNU. Media supports extremists, terrorists and naxalities and anti Indian forces. For the media, Indian armed forces are just a group of killers and rapists.
Recently, I saw a video clip. It was taken during the protests of lawyers. They were on the march. They were protesting because few people entered the premises of the court and manhandle the premises. They beat few people also and went off. Those people were in disguise of lawyers. A reporter of ABP news was covering the protests. She asked a lawyer about the protest. When the lawyer asked her to say Bharat Mata ki jai then she openly refused. Her logic was that the lawyers aren’t authorised to give the certificate of patriotism if she say Bharat Mata ki jai. In the end of the clip, she alleged that lawyers were forcing people to say Bharat Mata ki jai. Well, I don’t understand what she was trying to say? Was she saying that if they have persuaded her to say Bharat Mata ki jai should be put behind the bars? Is this illegal to say Bharat Mata ki jai in India? I don’t know what’s wrong with the media these days. What they want to show is totally out of my understanding.

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