Monday, May 29, 2017

Day 362

Well, today I was searching something on internet. There I saw the statement of Mr Mani Shankar Aiyer that he won’t give any interview to the reporters of anti-national channel like Republic TV.  I felt like laughing. The man who went to Pakistan and begged Pakistani media to remove Mr Narendra Modi as Indian prime minister is saying that Republic TV is anti-national TV channel. I’m not advocating Republic TV because I haven’t watched it till yet.
But I feel pity on Mr Aiyer. The person who was so desperate to remove Mr Modi has gone to an unfriendly nation and was begging help from them to remove an elected Prime Minister to be thrown out of the office. This shows the low level mentality of a senior leader of oldest party in India. This isn’t the only case where Mr Aiyer has spoken out of his mind. There had been many incidences where he has to chew his words back. But he isn’t alone. His colleague in the same party, Mr Digvijay Singh is another example for saying without thinking. I think congress party is filled with such leaders therefore its going down.
But these two aren’t alone. In the last three years, I have seen that there has been a dramatic change in Indian media also. Now the media is termed as secularism media and presstitute media. We all knew that Sonia Gandhi was upset with the killing of terrorists in Batla House in Mumbai attack. She cried for the killing of the terrorists. She forgot that those terrorists killed the Parsi priest along with his wife who was six months pregnant. But media saw the tears of Sonia Gandhi but they didn’t saw blood of innocent people. Barkha Dutt is the leading name in the controversies whether it’s showing the live scene on her TV channel during Kargil war or showing sympathy to terrorists being killed in Kashmir calling them misguided youths. She isn’t alone in the list who are continuous support of Pakistan. Sagarika Gosh, Arundhati Roy, Rana Ayub, Shoba De and many others are there who live in India but work for Pakistan.
You may think that I’m making direct allegations but it’s not. I’m just telling what their actions are saying. We can’t deny that. The entire nation knows that the Mumbai attack in India whether its Mumbai local train bomb blast, Mumbai attack in 2008, the series of attacks in Jammu and Kashmir are done by the terrorists, but for Barkha Dutt always termed them as misguided youth of Kashmir. Arundhati Roy says that the naxalities are Gandhi with guns fighting for freedom. Indian army soldiers are brutally killing the innocent people. For defending the nation from anti national elements isn’t killing. But these people are forgetting that. In my view, there might be some connection between these so called intellectuals and Pakistan.
These people are making a light of cry on killing of terrorists but where were they when 26 CRPF jawans were killed by naxalities in Sukma? Where were they hiding? It’s not like that these ladies are alone in favouring Pakistan. They are in gang with Rajdeep Sardesai, Ravish Kumar and others. These people think that if a soldier dies then it’s their duty to die. These so called intellectuals are so misguided that they have lost their consciousness also. That’s why I like the recent tweet of Randeep Hooda. In his tweet he said that the religious intolerance is all due to the media. For this he has advice that don’t watch news, don’t watch debates on news channels. In my view, he is right.
These days, media is dividing the country like a political party. According to the media, all those who are supporting the forces dividing India are intellectuals, modern thinkers and are heroes. But in reality, the media is misguiding the mass. Actually, it has literally, forgotten the true path of journalism. In pre independence era, the media was reporting the news to the accuracy. But now a day, its fully biased and showing just one side of the story. Forget the accuracy they are thinking about changing the mindset of the mass. According to the media, Indian soldiers are just killers. In fact, the media is provoking the mass not to join armed forces. Its forgetting the due to armed forces only, they are safe from foreign attacks. Indirectly, the media is doing job of Pakistan and ISI. Their main motive is to create an environment of confusion and chaos in the country.  

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