Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Day 356

It has been 2 years since I wrote my last post. A lot of things had happened with me during these 2 years. But I was really busy professionally due to which I wasn’t really paying attention to writing. Sometimes I had ideas to write but couldn’t take time out of my professional timing and schedule. At a point of time, I thought that I won’t be able to write again. But fortunately, I got time to write so I came back.
Today, I don’t have any idea about what to write. Well, a lot of things had happened recently politically in India. But I don’t know whether politics is your cup of tea or not. Actually, we always complaint that politics and politicians aren’t good. But we don’t do anything to remove the problem. We do analysis but we don’t want to find the solution. I’m not encouraging any of you to enter politics or to join any political party. It’s up to your own consciousness. Nobody can force you to act against your own consciousness until you want to go against your consciousness.
Very recently, we have seen formation of a party after a massive protest and non co operative movement in Delhi led by Mr. Anna Hazare. One of his disciples went ahead and formed his own political party. Initially, it looked like that he will bring revolution in the Indian politics. But he turned in to an entertainer or rather say a joker of the Indian politics. He has lost all the credibility although he managed to get a landscape victory in Delhi assembly elections. But after that, the voters of Delhi had understood it very well that they have chosen a joker as their chief minister. His only agenda is to be in the lime light. He doesn’t care about whether the reason is right or wrong. His only aim is to be in the lime light of the media and center of attraction of the masses.
I know you have understood it very well about whom I’m talking about. I think he isn’t that much worthy that I should take his name in my blog. It’s up to your imagination. But I haven’t seen anyone like him. I know that voters of Delhi are now intelligent enough to show him way out unless he hacks the EVM in next Delhi assembly election.  
Well, it wasn’t my intention to write about him. But it’s natural that if you want to have some humor then that person is the ultimate choice to make humor and to laugh at. With the same intention I wrote this post and suggest you to read the post in the same sense.

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