Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Day 357

Well, it feels good on a new morning. This is a thought of optimistic person. Well, what’s the difference between today’s mornings from yesterday’s morning? This is the thought of negative mentality person. It depends on one what kind of mindset the person wants to have. Here I’m remembering a story. The story is like this. Once a scholar went to a king to take test of king’s intelligence. The scholar has heard a lot about king’s wisdom and about his governance. Everyone used to praise the king. The scholar went to the court of the king and said that he has come to take the test of the king. King agreed. The scholar asked for a little bird. The bird was offered to him. The scholar took the bird in his hand and asked the blindfolded king to tell whether the bird is alive or dead? The king replied that it depends on the scholar. If the king will say that the bird is alive then the scholar will kill the bird. If the king will say that the bird is dead then the scholar will set the bird free. The scholar was impressed with the king and he set the bird free. Then the scholar praised the king a lot.
Actually our mind set is result of our own thoughts. What we see in the world around us? What we perceive? What we understand? It all depends on our mindset. That’s why a negative thought person will always sees negative things around him. Whenever he sees anything then his mind quickly analysis the situation and start thinking about the negative things or points. Actually, sometimes negative thoughts come from frustration, failure and due to different things. On the contrary, a positive thinking person is always filled with good feelings. A positive feeling person is never depressed with failures. His mind always has a satisfaction that the success can’t be defined by one or two failures. Whenever a positive attitude person fails, he began to think about the alternatives to success.
Well, in my view, a positive thinking person is happier than the negative thinking person. Same thing is with everyone. What we think is according to our mindset. I see every morning to be fresh and energetic. It’s not necessary that you have to agree with me. For you, it might me fresh morning. For me, I may have a hectic day ahead but I feel energetic to face it. For you, you may have different approach to tackle your problems or your daily routine. But the main thing is that if our mind is happy then we are happy. I think now days, while having morning walk in a park, you might have come across laughing club, where men and women gather and they laugh unintentionally. Well, I’m not an early riser but I have seen such a group in evening walk in parks whenever I get time to go to park. Well, that’s a nice way to get rid of your tensions. But my question is that do we really need laughing club for our daily routine? Can’t we laugh or smile on our own to have our light moments.
In this fast age, everyone is in hurry. Everyone is in pressure. People are getting lost in their professional lives that their personal lives are getting hampered. So, I believe that a smile to your family before going to office or returning from office isn’t a wrong thing. Smile on your face will bring smile on their face. You will feel happy after seeing your family smiling. Isn’t a nice thing? You didn’t need to do something special. You just need to smile. That’s it. In the same way, one can love to his family and can get love from them. This things doesn’t require any special things. One can’t change the mindset of the world. But he or she can change the environment at home. When there is peace and love at home then the members are always happy. Actually, these simple and basic things lead to enormous moments of happiness.
So I would advice to be happy and to live healthy – both physically and mentally.

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