Saturday, May 27, 2017

Day 360

Well, I know that you might be thinking that my posts are more aggressive. But I don’t agree with you. I’m just expressing my views. Recently, we have seen few examples were expressing one’s views has provoked sparks in the country. One of the current examples is the tweet of Sonu Nigam. He says that he is getting disturbed by the noise of azaan in his neighbour. As a result, fatwa was issued against him. Later on, people began to question him whether he really hear the azaan or not. He posted that also. Later he deleted all his tweets. This incidence has unfolded many questions.
My first question is have we become religiously intolerant? Just imagine the scenario, where instead of Sonu Nigam it would have been Amir Khan complaining about the noise coming from Morning Prayer from a temple in his neighbourhood then what would have been the case? There would have been support of all so called intellectuals would have been protested till the temple and have been loudspeakers being pulled off from the temple. But nothing like that happened because complain was against the noise of azaan. People started criticising Sonu Nigam for his tweets and shaving off his hairs. Later on Sonu Nigam has to say that there is lack of freedom of speech.
My second question is why only Hindu gods and goddess are being targeted for making fun? Amir Khan has made fun Hindu god, Lord Shiva, in his movie PK. Can he do the same for Prophet Mohammad or any religious deity? I don’t think that he or anybody has the guts to do that? It’s not like that I’m against any religion. Well, my opinion is if we talk about secularism then we must understand the true meaning of secularism. In India, respecting other religions is not the work of Hindus alone.
In present time, where everything is online due to technology and we are witnessing many things on various public sites. Whenever I see that some misguided people are writing anti India things on their sites then they are good and when someone writes against them then they are targeted with baseless things. I don’t appreciate this. If Arundhati Roy can write that Mr Narendra Modi is a national danger and Kashmir isn’t integral part of India and naxalities are Gandhi with guns that are fighting for freedom from Indian condition then I feel pity on her. I think her thoughts are really pathetic and due to this she is becoming mentally sick. But instead of getting cured for this, she is spreading her mental illness everywhere. For her, the anti India students gathering in JNU is an awesome thing. In reply of this if Mr Paresh Rawal says that she should be tied on jeep for self defence against stone palters then he is wrong and spreading hatred. This is the irony of today’s India. Anti national elements are treated as heroes and celebrities. But national elements are treated as unwanted elements.
This is the thing which isn’t good for the country. In my view, those who are having problem in India are free to leave India. There is no legal, social or economical binding on them to live here. But they have to surrender their Indian citizenship. This is equally applicable to all the separatist leaders who are thinking that they would have more freedom after being separated from India.

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