Thursday, May 25, 2017

Day 358

I was just thinking that what to write today. There is a topic on which I want to express my view. But I don’t know whether you will like it or not. Actually, I was thinking about the modern day life. The life has become purely hectic. Life has become so fast that everyone looks to be lost. In today’s time, in my view, the professional life has complete command on our personal life. People are always in hurry to reach office; they are worried about the target, achievements, incentives, perks, salaries etc. To gain professional success, people are completely ignoring their personal lives. You may not agree with me on this point. But this is what I think.
I won’t keep the post a long one and boring too. What I’m saying is that when the last time when you have spent a single day without was worries? I bet you won’t remember that. Well, with me same thing is there. So, I use to say that childhood was the only part of my life when I was tension free. That time, my father was the only bread earner of the family but still we had dinner together. We used to go for recreation parks to have fun. But in the present scenario, life has become totally monotonic. Get awake in the morning, then get ready for the office, have breakfast and then rush to the office. In the evening, leave the office half an hour late than the closing time. Felt tired after reaching home. No will power left to go out or do something for recreation activity. I think this happens with you also. And then we used to set all our pending personal works on Sunday. Sunday is a day to relax but we are putting burden on it. Of course, you may say that at least due to the pending work we get time for outing with family. That’s true. But why can’t we make it twice a week activity.
These days both, husband and wife are working. Majority of the couples are working in different companies. I’m not against that. According to me, this is purely situational. By situational, I mean to say that if the couple is staying in metro city or a big city where the expenses can’t be met by one’s salary alone then wife has to be working. In present time, everything is becoming costly. Whether it’s living, food, medicines, medical assistance or anything. These expenses can be managed by one’s salary but then there will be no saving for the emergency or for future. Second situation is that if the wife also wants to work then husband also agrees. Don’t think that I’m against it. I didn’t mean that.
My point is that if the wife is also educationally qualified and if it’s her desire to work then generally the husband don’t object to that. But when it comes to the raising the family then the difficult choice for the wife is to choose between family and office. Because initial years of a child are very crucial years. In this time period, child needs the support of the parents. If both of the parents won’t give time to the child then physiologically the child get detached from the parents. If the couple are living with their parents then it’s easy for the wife to continue her career as the elders are there to take care of the child. But in the nuclear family, it’s not possible. Then wife has to quit her job,
Well, this is something different from the theme on which I began to write. My idea is that in this fast moving life, we are getting cut off from our vicinity. People aren’t aware of who is in the neighborhood, who is in the locality? Now a days, the internet and technology enabled smart phones are also consuming a major portion of our time and attention. We have hundreds of friends on the social networking sites but we don’t have time to meet a single good friend. We never miss the chance to like and comment the pictures posted on the networking sites but in reality it has been ages that we have talked with that friend. Meeting that friend is out of question. Now our professional colleagues are taking place of our buddies. We are getting no time for our school friends.
In short, where are we heading? Aren’t we living a monotonous and robotic life? It’s time to take time for ourselves, our families and our friends. It’s time to think that is the life which we are willing to live where professional work is in priority and personal work has taken back seat. In my view, personal life and professional life should be in balance. Both the seats should be beside to each other.

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