Sunday, May 28, 2017

Day 361

Sometimes I really get irritated. Initially, I’m getting ideas but while writing I find myself lost regarding idea. Then the flow of writing begins to hamper. This is not the thing which I expect while writing. But what to do? Without comments, I feel confused. Confused in the sense that whether I’m writing nicely or not. Actually, feedback is a system of correction. If you are doing something and someone appreciates you then you think that you are in the right direction. If someone critics you then you think you have done something wrong. But if there is nobody to tell you whether you are right or wrong then how can you decide that you are right or wrong. Same thing is with me and I don’t know where I’m. It’s like that I’m on a ship in the ocean and I don’t have compass and I don’t know in which direction I have to go.
I was expecting feedback from you. But you are lazier than me. So, now I don’t expect any feedback from you. It was my expectation that I’ll be having feedback on whatever I’ll write. But my expectation is now dead. It’s worthless to argue with you. I know you aren’t there. So basically, I’m talking with no one. I’m not mad who can talk alone. Actually, not writing for a long time period was my commitment towards some other works also. But numerous times I have said to write you some feedback. But I don’t care now. I’ll write whatever will come in my mind and whatever form I like.
One of the reasons of not writing was seeing the comment box empty. I know that you don’t know how to react. That’s why you just read and let it pass. Okay fine. I won’t expect any feedback now. It was my fault and I apologize for my fault. But now that won’t happen. I’m feeling free now. It seems that I don’t have any boundation  now. Feeling free to write without any comment.

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