Friday, May 26, 2017

Day 359

Well, I know that my recent posts are bouncing from your head. It has to be. I’m not saying that you have to bear that. I’m just saying that writing after a gap of two years wasn’t easy for me. I was having urge to write but wasn’t having any idea to write. Writing without content is really tough. So, whatever was coming in my mind I was just writing that topic? Sometimes, I think that how tough it for writers to write novels. They have to concentrate a lot to write. I admire writers a lot. I read fictional novels a lot by Indian authors. But there is an Indian author whom I really don’t like. Her name is Arundhati Roy.
Well, Arundhati Roy came in limelight in 1997 after her book ‘The God of small Things’ won Booker Prize for fiction. Since then she has attached herself in anti government activities like Narmada Bachao Aandolan along with Medha Patkar. Roy was involved in separatist activities in Kashmir also. She publicly claims that Kashmir isn’t integral part of India. Senior Congress leader, Satya Prakash Malvia, clearly said that Ms Roy needs to have her historical facts correct because erstwhile ruler of Kashmir, Mr Hari Singh has signed instrument of accession in 1947 itself. Arundhati Roy has served one day imprisonment in contempt of court charge also. She openly supports all anti India movements particularly that of JNU.
In my view, if Indian citizens like Arundhati Roy will live in India then enemies of India don’t need anything else. Individuals like her are doing the work of India’s enemies. During Narmada Bachao Aandolan, she donated her award money for the rehabilitation of people affected due to the Narmada Dam. But nothing much was done. It was allegation on Arundhati Roy and Medha Patkar that they have showed foreign funding for their noble cause but that money was for terrorist funding. Arundhati Roy was against the capital sentence of Mohammad Afzal as illegal. She clearly said that the investigation and trial of Afzal was unethical. She has always criticized the Indian government’s armed action against naxalites. According to her, naxalites are freedom fighters who are seeking independence from Indian constitution and Indian government is doing illegal thing in dealing with naxalites by armed action.
She criticized Anna Hazare for his fasting for Lok Pal Bill as political stunt. According to Roy, Mr Narendra Modi is a tragedy and he is more aggressive and militaristic in nature. I wonder that why she is still an Indian? If she has so many problems with Indian constitution and Indian democracy, then she if free to leave India and reside in any other country of her choice. With her activities and her ideas, I think Pakistan will be more suitable for her. I know it’s my view. I don’t need anyone else to think like me because I think that if a person isn’t having respect for Indian constitution then India is not the right place for that person. Indian constitution has given the freedom of speech to every Indian citizen. But some anti Indian citizens are misutilizing that freedom to break India. Even some misguided media houses and name and fame hungry journalists are supporting those anti Indian citizens with all their nonsense ideologies.
Recently, Mr Paresh Rawal made a statement that instead of tying a youth on the army jeep Major Gogoi would have tied Arundhati Roy on the jeep. I agree with him. But I would say that instead of Roy, if army men would tie Barkha Dutt then the stone palters will automatically drop their stones. They can’t pelt stones on their relatives. I saw pictures of Arundhati Roy. My first impression was she hasn’t taken bath for ages. I believe that those who don’t respect Indian constitution should be boycotted socially, economically and constitutionally. There should be some punishment for those who don’t like Indian constitutions and Indian court of law. Actually, Arundhati Roy did spend a drama day in jail in case of condemn of court where she ignored the previous summons of the court. She immediately paid the fine of Rs 2500 just to avoid three months imprisonment. But the list doesn’t ends at Arundhati Roy.
In the recent time, I have observed that pro Pakistan thinker is growing manifold. There are few journalists who think like Arundhati Roy. The foremost example of this is Barkha Dutt. She came in limelight during her coverage of Kargil war in 1999. While watching her show, one can easily differentiate that instead of India she is thinking about Pakistan welfare. For her, militants are misguided youths and armed forces are killers. Stone palters are innocent youth. We have seen that stone palters are men and women of all ages including small children. But the victim of all those stone pelting, the Indian army, is a gang of killers according to Barkha Dutt. Sometimes, I really think that how much these individuals have gone down with their morals. That they are going against their own county. A country where they are living freely, where they are earning their livelihood, where they are having freedom of speech due to constitution, then also they spiting venom and nothing else.
But they know that India is a place where they have so much freedom. They can’t have these freedoms in Pakistan whom they praise a lot. Well, I feel that in democratic system of government; opposition of every government scheme is a fashion. But showing disrespect to the constitution isn’t allowable anywhere in the world except India. In my view, some harsh measurement should be taken against anti India people.

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