Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Day 363

Today I’m very much upset. The level of intelligence in Congress party has really gone down. They have really showed that they are totally out of their mind. In fact, they don’t have any mind at all. They call themselves as a secular party. But they slaughtered a cow in broad day light and had beef party just to oppose beef ban. This is really insane and pathetic. Being secular means respecting every religion and its sentiments. I think Congress party has forgotten this basic fundamental also. In my view, due to hatred against Mr Narendra Modi and the urge to have power back in their command, Congress party has totally lost its mental balance.
Interestingly, all the so called secular media and PETA are silent on cow slaughter and they were crying on leg fracture of a horse. This is the real face of secular media and secular Congress party. Now why the media is silent when the cow was slaughter? If it would have been a pig then there would be crying and beating their chests in protest. If you talk about the sentiments of minorities in a secular country then why are you silent when the sentiments of majority is being hurt like this? Is there anyone from the media to raise the voice against this? Is there anyone who can answer now? No one. It’s because all the secular media is on the pay roll of Congress party. They won’t write anything against Congress.
I saw a video clip in which Mr Arnab Goswami was asking the Congress party about what’s their definition of secularism? Well, I want to ask Mr Kapil Sibbal when he is saying that triple talaq is a matter of Islamic faith then killing of a cow isn’t hurting Hindu faith? What was the basic reason of killing a cow on a public road? Just because to protest the new ordinance of Mr Narendra Modi that buying and selling of cattle’s shouldn’t be for meat industry. Seriously speaking, now the entire nation wants answer from the Congress party. On social media sites, the picture of youth Congress chief of Kerala, who slaughtered the cow, with Rahul Gandhi and there has been caption which states that he is very close to Rahul Gandhi.
Quite literally, I agree with Dr Patra that cow slaughter isn’t just insult of Hinduism but also the nail in Congress’s coffin. Although Rahul Gandhi has condemned the act and have expelled two workers of youth Congress in Kerala. But what about the main culprit? Why is he still the president of youth Congress? Why hasn’t he being expelled if Rahul Gandhi wants the clean image of the Congress? I think there should a police complaint against the main culprit for hurting the sentiments of the Hindus. There should be punishment for him. I know you may think that I’m becoming very aggressive. Right now, being aggressive is the right method for me. I have felt very bad after this incidence.

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