Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Day 377

Well, another Monday passed and with its hectic schedule. No matter what I do to write on Monday I always fail in that. Yesterday also I was in hectic mood. I tried to write in the evening but I felt that the energy has drained out of me. So, I couldn’t write yesterday.  Actually, I was disheartened also. Due to the defeat of India in Champions Trophy final by Pakistan has broken my heart. But surprisingly, interesting news came in my attention. On Sunday night itself, there was hockey match between India and Pakistan. India beat Pakistan by 7-1.
It’s just an irony that we Indians are over possessed by cricket and are ignoring other games. It’s not like that I’ll praise hockey and will condemn the play performed by the cricketers in the final match. In my post titled Day 375, I took the example of Australia. Actually, there encouragement by the government and the respected sports authorities also act positively for the encouragement. Family support is also there. But in India, the case is different. If we look in to the matter then we will find that there are still so many things which become hurdle in the encouragement for other games. Sometimes it’s the lack of funds, sometimes its non support of the administration, sometimes it’s due to lack of family support.
Actually, the typical mindset in us is that only cricket is the game which can be played easily. We ignore other games. Even though hockey is our national game but we ignore that. This is the basic thing. We want our athletes to excel but we don’t want to send someone from our family or even ourselves for the game. We compare ourselves with others that why we are technically behind other countries in other games. Then we start blaming. We blame government and sports organisations. But we forget that government can give encouragement and support to the athletes. The athletes won’t descend directly from the sky. The athletes have to come from amongst us.
So we have to think that only cricket isn’t the game in India. There are many games in which we have the potential to be the world champion. In kabaddi, we are the world champions since it has been incepted as the international sports event. So, it’s time to change our mindset. Then indeed we can have more medals in international events.  

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