Sunday, June 18, 2017

Day 376

I know yesterday I was absent. Actually, I was busy in official work. Usually Saturday is half day duty but yesterday administrative work load was a bit more. Anyway I won’t bore you with my official schedule. Well, I was thinking what to write today. Actually, I don’t want to write about today’s cricket match between India and Pakistan. I know the verdict. Pakistan is going to be defeated again. My statement might hurt some so called seculars and Pakistan lovers but I don’t care. It’s because I don’t love Pakistan. I love India and I’ll support India only whether its cricket match or war or any other issues. India will be above for me always.
I know you might think that I’m becoming patriotic again. But it’s not like that. I know what I’m doing. Supporting India is obvious. Anyway today morning I wasn’t in good mood. Something was there which was creating problem for me and I was unaware of the cause and the problem. Suddenly, I started to surf the net to get distracted from the negative thoughts. Right now, I’m listing to soft music like flute. Believe me; I’m having mental peace now. I’m enjoying the flute. In childhood, I wished to learn about how to play flute. But that’s a dream which is still a dream for me. Actually, the reason for me to learn flute was once I saw Mr Hari Prasad Chaurasia playing flute very comfortably.
Second reason was that I have always seen Lord Krishna having flute in his hand. Well, there has been a unique attraction in Lord Krishna which has attracted me towards him always. Not just his teaching through Bhagwat Gita but his actions are inspirational. For example, after becoming the king of Dwarka how he welcomed his friend, Sudama and how he changed Sudama’s condition without letting Sudama even know about that. This shows that friendship shouldn’t be forgotten even after become the ruler and always be there to help your friend according to your capacity. One should stand for his or her friends.
There are numerous things which I can cite now. But it will be lengthy also. I don’t think you can read that much. Right now, I believe that with the grace of Lord Krishna I can write few more things. Right now, I’m feeling energetic and fresh. It’s totally contrast with my situation today morning. Well, Krishna’s friendship with Arjun was also remarkable. Just for Arjun’s sake, Lord Krishna agreed to become Arjun’s charioteer. Numerous times, I have seen picture of the Kurushetra where Krishna is charioteer and Arjun is in the chariot. Sometimes, I used to wonder that how come Lord himself agreed to become charioteer of a common man like Arjun. Previously I used to think that it was due to friendship and love towards Arjun. But later on, I realised that it’s not the case. Lord Krishna, knower of all knowledge, becomes the guiding force for Arjun, a common man. Lord Krishna drove Arjun everywhere to perform his duty. Actually, I used to think that Arjun should be the charioteer but I was wrong.
Through Arjun, Lord Krishna gave his knowledge about duty and its consequences. He taught us about the real meaning of live, duty and salvation. Another thing which inspires me is that in one hand Lord Krishna is having flute and in another hand he is having his weapon, Sudarshan chakra. This symbolises that he is preacher of love and peace but he is a warrior also. To defend rightness, to save innocent people and many other things he is ready for the war also. Numerous times I have heard the story that when Lord Krishna used to play his flute then everybody used to get divine peace and couldn’t control themselves from dancing. I’ll call this his leela through which he has amused everyone.

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