Monday, June 5, 2017

Day 368

Yesterday, I was watching the match between India and Pakistan. I watched it in curiosity. I just wanted to know that how hard India nailed Pakistan? Indeed, it was a nice match. At few moments, I was disappointed by the Indian batting and then few misfielding. But as the saying goes ‘all is well when the end is well’. This was the thing which I really wanted to see like billion Indians. Well, I was watching the match on Hot star, an app on smart phones.  
I must say that now the technology has advanced a lot. I still remember that a decade back I used to have a cell phone of Nokia company. The model was 3315. I know and I bet that the mention of Nokia 3315 have brought a smile on your face and a livid memory about this model. I know you must have owned one. Now you may have some other handset of some other company. But you haven’t forgotten the durability of that handset. Well, I’m not going to bore with the nostalgia about that handset. My point here is that the new smart phones arrived in India and in the past one decade their demand has increased manifold. With new added features, the new version of smart phones is replacing its previous model.
In the new era, you can have video calling through imo app, watch anything of your choice on YouTube and hotstar, text and chat on whatsapp, you can have mobile apps of your bank also and many other things. This isn’t with the mobile phones only. Just have a look around you. Every gadget which you will look has undergone a lot of transformation. The desktop which you use for your daily work, the laptop, the television, everything has changed in past one decade. This has been due to the innovations in the technology. These things have made the live easier and faster.
But there is negative side also. We have forgotten to write letters to friends and family after arrival of whatsapp and live video chats. These features enable us to communicate with our near and dear ones but they can’t reduce the physical distance. After the innovative launch of e books, we have forgotten to read the hard bound books. We have a lot of games on our smart phones but we have forgotten the physical games which we used to play in our childhood. We have now luxuries cars to travel but we have forgotten the joy of riding the bicycle.

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