Thursday, June 22, 2017

Day 379

I know yesterday I bored you with my meaningless post. But you don’t have any choice. I have already told you that you have to bear with me on this issue until you write comments for improvement in my writing. But it’s your wish that whether to write comments or not. I can’t force you. In the same manner, until you give feedback, I’ll write in any manner which I’ll like. It’s my wish. Anyway you may be thinking that today I’m totally opposite to what I seemed yesterday. Yesterday I looked dull and de motivated. Today I’m looking charged and motivated. But it’s not like that. Still my frustration hasn’t gone. But I have found a path due to which I’m going to have some peace in mind.
Well, I was thinking about what to write today. Today I’m topic less. But I have to move on. It’s useless to expect something from you. Anyway, last night I was reading novel. Suddenly, I began to think that I don’t have any novel of Harry Potter series. Personally speaking, I like Harry Potter series. I have watched all the movies of Harry Potter. Well, then I began to thought that why Harry Potter series became so huge success? Why people began to wait outside of the book stores to have the print copy of the series? Why the movies based on the novels were huge hits? Was this just due to that the book series were based on magical world?
As far as I have thought then I found that based on magical world was one of the reasons. Well, we all loved the magical setting like flying cars, flying broomsticks, flying sports and various other things. You know that a human mind goes in every direction. In the same way, my mind began to think that what are the other factors? My mind answered that the plot of making Harry Potter a hero is also a major factor. A boy became orphan in his first year, been mistreated by his maternal aunt and uncle and his cousin. His being famous as he has forced the most evil wizard to vanish makes him more popular. His struggle through the years at Hogwarts while studying shows that he is been opposed by all the followers of the evil wizard but still he overcomes all the difficulties with the help of his friends. Harry got two best friends and a lot of admirers. According to me, this was also one of the reasons.
Second reason which came in my mind was that the way in which friendship is showed is also a crucial factor. Harry became friend with Ron easily. Friendship with Hermione took time but their friendship went on till the end. Of course with some misunderstanding took place between them but that’s the part of the friendship. In true friendship, misunderstanding never stays for a long time. Third reason which came in my mind was that few suspicious characters which add more interest in the story line. For example the character of Severus Snape has always confused me till the end. Since the Philosopher’s Stone till the end, this character has always been humiliating Harry Potter and then on the other hand been saving him also. In the Deathly Hallows, he sacrificed his life just to save Harry Potter’s life.
Fourth reason according to me was introduction of various forms of characters like half giant, house elf and demontors. These things also created uniqueness in the story line. It’s due to all these things that all the novels of the Harry Potter series were such a huge success. Of course the main attraction was the magical charms been used by the magical wands.

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