Sunday, June 11, 2017

Day 370

Well, today I’m excited about the ongoing Champions Trophy. Today India will play against South Africa. This match is very crucial as it will decide which team will move on and which team will return back. Obviously my wishes are with Indian team. But the competition is tough. South Africa is number 1 team according to ICC ranking. But if we go with data of Champions Trophy then India has beaten South Africa thrice. Both teams have three times till date in Champions Trophy against each other.
Moreover, the defeat from Sri Lanka has made the situation tougher for the Indian team. Tough in the sense that this match won’t be taken lightly by the Indian team. Now they will use the right strategy to win the match. Hope so their strategy will counter the South African’s strategy. Actually, cricket match has been a match of strategy and pressure. This is what I believe.  Actually, cricket match is a passion in India and when Indian team is playing then people become crazier. Well let’s see what will be the outcome of today’s match.

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