Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Day 372

Today, I’m not in mood to write. Few things in the recent past has made me irritated as well as frustrated. I don’t know what is right and what is wrong. I’m just doing my duty but the effect becomes opposite. I know this is another lesson from life. A new situation has come in my life and I’m totally clueless how to deal with it. That decision has to be taken by myself only. If my mind tells me the right path then I don’t have any problem. If it tells the wrong path then I have to face the consequences. Actually, what is right and what is wrong is decided by the mind based on the present circumstances. We don’t know what to say anything. But we always get two options for any problem.
Which option to choose is the decision of our mind and our inner consciences? Based on that decision, we move ahead. But there is always an inner call that if I would have chosen the alternate option then we would have reached the goal more easily. But that’s not the case. It’s the state of our mind which thinks so. Otherwise when we were having the two options then why did we choose the option which we are following now? So, it all depends on how we see anything and how fast we want the solution. Actually, this is basic problem with us in this modern time. We want everything at fast pace when we have any problem. I mean to say that if we are in trouble then we want to reach the result as soon as possible so that our trouble will end soon. If are in success then we don’t want that phase to end.
But in my case, the main thing is that I’m very much emotional. I don’t take time to show my anger, my happiness, my irritation or if required authority. But when I haven’t done anything wrong in spite of that if I’m been blamed then I get restless. But blame game isn’t a small game. It can start from any level and can reach any level. I think the same thing is happening with me also. I can sense that something bigger is going to happen. It may be positive for me or can be negative for me. I don’t know what will happen. But definitely something is going to happen with me. Already, I’m having some problem on family front. I’m feeling helpless as I’m unable to do anything.
But whatever is going to happen, I’m sure for one thing that I haven’t done anything wrong as per my duty. I have to take action according to the situation. For this, sometimes I have been praised and sometimes I have been scolded. But right now, I haven’t done. I wish I could go in details. But the situation and the circumstances isn’t allowing me to say in detail. I know that without my telling nobody can solve my problem. My post may look like something in coded language. But right now I’m in tight situation. I know that God will guide my mind to choose the right direction. Whatever path I’ll choose will be guided by the God. I’ll just do my duty.  

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