Sunday, June 4, 2017

Day 367

Today, I thought to skip the blog. I don’t have any particular reason for this. You can say that being Sunday today I wanted to have break from blog writing. But I thought that two years was enough for me to have a break. Then the obvious reason came in my mind that what to write. Well, today there is a cricket match between India and Pakistan. Cricket fans in both countries are just hyper about this match. Actually, the cricket matches between India and Pakistan have been always a jam packed show. Whether it’s the stadium or on the television set.
Frankly speaking, I also want India to nail Pakistan in this match. But somehow I’m unhappy. I’m unhappy because there shouldn’t be any match between India and Pakistan until Pakistan stops cross border terrorism. At the one side, Pakistan is sending terrorists in India and on the other side they want to play cricket match with India. In my view, the cricket match should be boycotted by the BCCI. Well, they are doing so for the last two years. There hasn’t any cricket match between these two arch rival teams for the last two years.
But refusing to play cricket match isn’t the solution of the problem which Pakistan is creating. Surgical strike by the Indian army isn’t enough. In my view, Indian army should attack the Pakistani side where terrorist camps are operational. They should attack like Russia attack Syria after the terrorist’s attacks in Russia. In my view, Indian army can send the units like America’s SEAL when they attack the hide out of Osama Bin Laden and killed him. Actually, the terrorists in Pakistan are treated as heroes. Leaders of all terrorists’ organisations are treated as important people. They are safe guarded by the Pakistani army and ISI, Pakistani intelligence organisation.
I think the secret operation like American SEAL operation would be much better than the direct combat. In direct combat, Pakistan may get the benefit of attacked nation. It’s possible that international community will ask India to withdraw. In my view, the time has come for the India and Indian army to move forward and to take the Kashmir in Pakistani possession back. We always see the political map of India. But it’s a bitter truth that one third Kashmir has been invaded by the Pakistan on the western side and one third Kashmir has been invaded by the China on eastern side. Only one third Kashmir is with India. So time has come to take the entire Kashmir into Indian possession as Kashmir is an integral part of India.
At least, this statement has been given by many Indian politicians in the past. But till day, no Indian politician has taken any strict action against the illegal possession of Pakistan and China. Now, the Indian public wants the revenge of all the terrorists’ attacks in the recent times. Whether it’s Sukhma in Chhatisgarh or Pathankot attack in Punjab or Uri attack in Kashmir. Time has come to invade the camps of the terrorists across the border and take revenge. In my view, Mrs Indira Gandhi has done in the past. She in filtered the eastern Pakistan and liberated it and hence Bangladesh was formed. That time, Pakistan couldn’t dare to do anything. She had the successful nuclear test in Pokharan in spite of international pressure. She got Sikkim unified in India and China couldn’t do anything,
Time has come now for Mr Narendra Modi also to take some hard steps to stop all the infiltration from the Pakistani side. He has to do something concrete to stop terrorism. I know he can’t do anything alone and terrorism can’t be stopped by him only. But at least, he can do something concrete after which no naxalite and terrorists attacks could be possible. He has done quite good job in economic front, social front and industrial front. Now the time is for some military action.  

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