Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day 342

The assembly election of Delhi has given unexpected results in phase wise. In the first phase, it showed that voters really want the most corrupt party out of the power. A debutant party nearly snatched the power from the ruling party of the last 15 years. No one ever thought that president of a new entry party in Indian politics will defeat the sitting Chief Minister for the last 15 years by a vast difference. This proves that Indian voters aren’t in mood to tolerate any party, directly and indirectly involved, in corruption.  Well, the first phase was full of unexpectation. The second phase is that the fractured mandate has forced the re election process to take place. 36 seats are needed out of 70 seats to form the government. But surprisingly neither BJP nor AAP is having the required number to claim the government formation. BJP is 4 seats behind and AAP is 8 seats behind the required number. Individuals are having 1 seat and 1 seat belongs to JDU. Now, its open secret that BJP can’t take support from either Congress or JDU. That’s something unthinkable. Both ideologically and practically, it’s impossible. Now the focus turns towards, AAP. Now it has always raised its voice against corruption. The present scenario is like neither Congress neither AAP can go to each other. Arvind Kejariwal has said that it will act like a constructive opposition. This means that he isn’t going to shake hands with Congress. But surprisingly, both can join hands to form the government. This coalition will not only keep the BJP out of power but it will save the re election process. But I don’t think that it’s going to happen. Otherwise, till now any announcement of such coalition would have come. But nothing has come. So, it’s final that the re election process is going to work now. 

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