Monday, December 16, 2013

Day 345

Today is 1st anniversary of Nirbhaya’s infamous rape tragedy. Last year, on this date, Nirbhaya was brutally raped, tortured and thrown out of the moving bus to die. Later on, she died due to the injuries but she gave the spirit to fight which was waved through out the country. The court has given its verdict. But the matter doesn’t end here only. I salute Nirbhaya for her spirit of fight. The way in which she showed her will power to fight the death is the example of her fighting spirit.
But there are many incidences of rape across the country after Nirbhaya’s case. Actually, in the case of rape, there is vast difference between the number of cases being reported and the number of accused being nabbed and brought to justice. There were many reports where the rape victims were threaten that if they will resist the rape then their consequences will be same as of Nirbhaya. But there wasn’t fall in the rape cases. Even though there were incidences also where the rape incidences were stopped also due to the activeness of police. I know it will sound funny that even police is active. Actually, we are always seeing the news about police’s failures in elaborated manner. But the reports of police activeness are reported in short manner.
Anyway, I’m not going in to that discussion now. Only thing which I want to say is that there are still many cases where the rape accused are roaming freely in open and the victims are suffering. There are many reasons of letting the accused out of the bars. Sometimes, the report is withdrawn due to the threat or pressure. Sometimes, there aren’t proper evidences. There are many incidences where the witnesses turn hostile. Few percent of cases aren’t properly reported. They are being categorised as sexual molestation instead of rape. In these situations, it’s very tough to bring the justice to the victims. Somewhere, the accused or the real culprits are getting benefit of these loopholes and are doing crimes again and again. I think some actions should be taken to create terror for all criminals.

It’s not the job of the government only. Public has to take part in this. People must start protesting the things like molesting and eve teasing. Molesting and eve teasing are the initial steps through which the criminals get strength. They get bolder even they aren’t resisted. So, the public should become zero tolerance in these types of things. Now its time for the government to amendment all the previous laws where the accused are getting minor punishments. The tenure of imprisonment or the degree of punishment should be hike. Most of the Sections of Indian Penal Code are at least 100 years old. Time has come to change those things and to bring new laws according to the present scenario. 

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