Friday, December 13, 2013

Day 344

Today I was going through newspapers. I think that Congress party has gone crazy. The voting out of power has made the party crazy. That’s why the Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are making statement that the verdict of Supreme Court making Gay and Lesbian sex as a punishable crime is totally wrong. It won’t be wrong to see that the central government is always going with the Congress party. Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi have said that lesbian and gay sex is not a crime. I don’t understand their logic behind their statements. It’s going beyond my head. Frankly speaking, the same sex sexual relationship isn’t just against the human law but it’s against the natural law itself. Gay or lesbian sex is just for sexual pleasure and nothing more. For reproduction, one has to have sexual intercourse with the opposite sex.
But right now, people, who are in favour of decriminalisation of Section 377 or in favour to scrap it, aren’t seeing this simple thing.  Now the government and the Congress party are in mood to pass an ordinance in the parliament which will reduce the effect of Section 377. Their aim to give relief to millions of people. But the Congress party is taking it as the prestige issue. They are talking as if they are doing some heroic action or are going to bring the ordinance which will benefit every Indian. But in fact, they are out of their senses. That’s why they are taking this issue to cash the sentiment of an illegal minority community which indulges itself in illegal activity. The LGBT activists are saying that their same sex sexual relationship is a natural feeling which they fulfil. But I don’t think that it will be an easy job for the Congress party. I think they have become desperate to do something which will give them popularity. They are aware that their ship is sinking so they are looking for straws to save themselves. Otherwise what was the need to take this issue like this that they got ready to pass an ordinance in favour of something unnatural?
Now it depends on the political will also. Let’s see how many parties are against the ordinance which will decriminalise Section 377? In my view, it shouldn’t be decriminalise. I don’t know how many will agree with me? But I have made it clear that if something is illegal according to the natural laws then its illegal according to the human laws. Let’s see what happens in future?

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