Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Day 346

There are a lot of things to write. I’m confused about what to write? Last night, I was asking the same question to myself. I got the answer. At the moment, the hot topic is the formation of government in Delhi. The high voltage drama which is going on Delhi is known to everyone. The Aam Aadmi Party is busy in its drama. Yesterday, I was watching a news channel. It was saying that the Aam Aadmi Party has sought time till Monday. Its writing 25 lakhs letters to every voter in Delhi and have asked their answers by Monday. On Sunday, they will announce the result of this workout. According to them, it’s a measure to know the mood of the Delhi’s public to know its view about the government formation. I have seen the news also that at Sarojini Nagar in Delhi, the leaders of Congress, BJP and AAP was sharing the dais. Dr Kumar Vishwas was saying that they will take the public opinion for everything. I think that now it’s a cover up to avoid the President’s Rule in Delhi. The public opinion is just cover up to take the U turn from AAP’s previous statement of not taking support either from the Congress or the BJP. Now the Congress has promised support and they have given it in writing also. So, all these things are eye wash to make the people fool.
When AAP came in election, then people were having expectations with them. They thought that we have got alternative of corrupt Congress. But now, AAP is playing game to negotiate with Congress and BJP. Although, BJP has denied giving support but Congress must be demanding something which is kept in dark. Arvind Kejriwal has played the move at the right time. In the name of taking the public opinion, he has sought time from Delhi’s Lt Governor. It’s enough time to deal with Congress and to make deal. It’s impossible to send 25 lakh letters and getting their reply and reading them and then categorising them in yes or no and finally making the decision based on those replies in just 3 days. No one is so innocent that he or she can’t see the basic cause.

Second thing which Arvind Kejriwal has seen is the image of his party. It’s an open secret that neither Congress, nor BJP and AAP are able to make the government. Then it’s clear that it has to be re election after six month. But the voters will get the message that the AAP is sole responsible of the re election. It has snatched seats from both the national parties. So, it’s a risky game of allowing President’s rule in Delhi. Who knows that public will again give their votes to them? It’s true that AAP has won 28 seats but it’s on the basis of popular vote. By popular votes, I mean those votes which a party gets due to sympathy or expectation of doing something new. The public was fed up of corrupt Congress rule. It needed a change. AAP entered the political and election arena just to en cash the anger towards Congress. It succeeded also. Arvind Kejriwal must have thought to that taking support from Congress is much better than going for re election and taking the risk of being the game spoiler. Now I’m waiting for Monday. Let’s see with which excuse AAP faces the public and the media?

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