Thursday, December 19, 2013

Day 347

I know that these days I’m focusing more and more on politics and particularly whatever is happening in Delhi. But right now, Delhi is the only state where many things are happening for the first time. For the first time, a sitting Chief Minister has lost her seat by the margin of 22,168 votes. First time, the biggest party in the newly elected assembly has shown its incapability to form the government. First time, a debuted party has won 28 seats. First time the second largest party has send the letters to two main national parties on few issues. There are few more things in this list. But right now, whatever is happening there is nothing more than drama. That’s certain. The latest thing is gathering the views of Delhi’s public through all means. I’m coming to this point only.
Now BJP has sent a 14 point letter to Aam Aadmi Party in context to the new drama of AAP. One of those questions tallied with my own thoughts. The question is that while running a government, the Chief Minister and the Ministers have to sign various files and documents, and then the AAP will take public opinion everyday like this? This is the thing which there in my mind also. Will AAP go for public opinion daily for taking the decision on each and every file? Then they have to form a new ministry to record the survey opinion. This is really something to laugh about. Now the AAP is using cheap tricks to convert the whole thing as some reality show on TV. Their act of survey is sounding like the reality show where the host ask the audience to vote for the contestants. The same thing is being done by Arvind Kejriwal and his party men. This is sort of playing with the emotions of the people to be in the limelight and to save itself from being branded as villains.
Second question in my mind is that during the sworn in ceremony as Chief Minister and Minister, the person has to take the oath in the name of Indian constitution that they will not disclose the secret things to anyone during their tenure. Now what will AAP government do if they will get some important file about which they have to be secretive then will they take the mobile in their hands and will ask the public to give their opinion? Then it will be clear violation of the constitutional process. If they won’t do anything like this then their promise of taking opinion will be broken. I know that Arvind Kejriwal isn’t that much simple as he pretend to be. Even he knows the proceedings of the government. Right now he is in ego of defeating Sheila Dixit and becoming the debuting party’s convenor that got this much seats in the assembly election. As I have repeatedly said that all the activities of Arvind Kejriwal and his party is nothing more than a drama and AAP is now trying to save its skin from the allegations. That’s it. Nothing more is happening.

In my view, the President’s Rule should be imposed in Delhi. This will not only stop the ongoing drama but will give each party a nice opportunity to work out for the re election. I think that people of Delhi should now be able to know that opinion poll and all these things are nothing but a cheap publicity stunt. It should allow any party or politicians to cheat them. Rest of the things are now in the hold of time. Only time will tell the true picture. 

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