Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 340

Yesterday, the polling in Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh was done. The exit polls in every state are more or less saying the same thing. The BJP is going to gain power in these states. The major focus was on Delhi. Sheela Dixit is ruling there for the last fifteen years uninterrupted. I feel that now the Modi magic is going to work nation wide for the next year general election. People now want to have change. They are fed up of the Congress rule at the centre and at the places where it has ruled for more than two terms.
Personally speaking, I’m definitely fed up of Congress rule. Even in the general election held in 2009, I voted for BJP. But again the Congress led UPA came in to the power. But this time, the wave is against Congress. Now the stake is between Congress and BJP that which party will become the ruling party. The regional parties are also there but they will be going with the winning horse. Regional parties always tie up or try to tie up with the winning side. But it’s not possible to accommodate every one at one side. That has become the normal trade before the elections. It continues till the next election when the regional parties switch the side. Well, that’s not the main topic today.
The main thing is the effect of Modi miracle in the country. It can’t be denied whether you love him or hate him, you can’t escape from talking about Narendra Modi.  He is having some charisma in him that’s why people across the county are looking at him with some home. I hope and pray that this time the hope of all those who want to get rid of the Congress rule will change their hopes in clear cut mandate for BJP which will enable Narendra Modi to become the Prime Minister. Seriously speaking, the country needs at least two full terms of having non Congress rule. That’s possible only if BJP stays at the centre for two consecutive terms.
It might be feeling from my post that I’m favouring BJP and Narendra Modi only. But I’m talking about the change. The change from the pathetic Congress rule which has given nothing else than various scams. The same party cried hell about the coffin scam during Kargil war, but now its own bag is full of scams like 2G spectrum scam, coal scam, illegal land acquisition and helping Robert Vagera out of the terms and various other scams. How can they justify it now? I don’t think that the general public will justify these scams and will forgive Congress party for this.
Now the time has come to give the rein of the country in the hands of someone who can change the atmosphere. So, its time to caste the vote against the Congress party. Many of my readers won’t agree with me and I won’t be surprised if they disagree with me that Narendra Modi is the person who has the ability to change the country’s atmosphere.

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