Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 339

I know that I have been late in writing the post. Actually, I was busy in the Navratri. I had Kalash Sthapana at my home. So, I was busy in the puja during the Navratri. Before I forget, I must wish Belated Happy Navratri and Vijay Dashmi to my readers. Actually, I was supposed to write this post on 14th October. But I was busy in kalash visarjan and in the feast at home. That’s why I got late. In the Navratri, I felt immense inner pleasure. Whenever I sat for the puja then all the time I felt the flow of positive energy inside me. It happened due to the presence and blessing of Maa Durga.

But on the Astami, on 12th October, the Phelin cyclone hit the coastal part of Andhra Pradesh and Oddissa. Now the Phelin has moved upwards and had touched Jharkhand and Bihar. Now it has affected the north Bihar area. As I’m writing this post now, the weather is totally clouded in Patna. Rainfall is predicted for the next few days. But since yesterday, there is no rainfall in Patna. But the situation is worse in north Bihar. It’s raining heavily in Darbhanga, Katihar and adjoining areas. The weather department has said that the cyclone is moving towards the Himalaya. So, the most affected areas will be Nepal and the north Bihar. There has been report about more rain fall in that area. Another report is that the water level in all the rivers is increasing again. Although, the level is below the danger level but still the increment has been observed in the water level.

In Jharkhand, Ranchi and Jamshedpur were the most affected areas. The Suvarnrekha River near Jamshedpur is flooded and it has entered the lower part of the city. In the stormy winds, many puja pandals along with the trees have fallen on ground. The same thing has happened in Bihar also. The worst affected part is still Oddissa. Around 9 lakh people in coastal part of Oddissa have been affected. Numerous villages have been destroyed in the cyclone. The stormy winds were blowing with the speed of 200 kmph followed by the rain. There is something wrong with the current time. Three months back, there was catastrophe in Uttrakhand. Now, the cyclone in Oddissa.

This is clear indication that all these things are happening due to the imbalance in the nature. The imbalance has been created by the humans only. Now the time has come to realise that if the humans wouldn’t stop creating the imbalance in the natural balance then this type of catastrophes will repeatedly happen. 

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